Nathan Klekas

Class of 2015 / 6'2"



Why do I have an evaluation but no star rating?

Transition Hoops Report may make an evaluation but may not include a star rating. It simply means we may need to see the player play again. Many younger players (9th, 10th, or 11th graders) won’t have a star rating because it is hard to tell what level a player is at until their body is fully matured.

What does the star rating mean?

Players receiving a 5 star rating are mid-major minus type players to high major NCAA Division 1 players.

Players receiving a 4 star rating are low major Division 1 prospects and Division 2 or NAIA full scholarship players. 

Players receiving a 3 star rating are Division 2 and NAIA partial scholarship prospects or top prospects at the Division 3 or small college level (such as the NWAC).  These can also be recruited walk on players at the division 1 level.

Players receiving a 2 star rating are partial scholarship prospects in the NWAC or minimal scholarship athletes for Division 2 / NAIA. 

Players receiving a 1 star rating are walk on prospects for small college basketball. 

In all cases, there will generally be a further explanation in the “Notes” section of a player’s profile.  The star rating can and will change as player's body and skill set develops.

How did Transition Hoops Report make my star rating?

Transition Hoops Report's star ratings are a projection of what college level we believe a player can play at the time of our evaluation. Our star rating can change as we gather more information (see more games, notice an increase or decrease in recruitment, injuries, etc.). The star rating is a great way for colleges and players to quickly find players at different college levels. All players with star ratings will have evaluations.


  • High School


  • High School Address

    Elko, Nevada

  • Recruited Position

    Shooting Guard

  • College Commitment



Transition Hoops Report Evaluation

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