Transition Hoops Report Is Important

Transition Hoops Report is Important

Transition Hoops Report makes it easy to get your information in front of college coaches that:

  • Trust the Transition Hoops evaluations (will start the process based on our evaluations).
  • May not be willing to spend the time to hunt down your information (some high schools don’t have coaches, rosters, or schedules listed on their high school website)    
  • May have never heard about you or your high school (there are tens of thousands of high schools out there)  
  • Don’t have the time or the budget to search for prospects in your area

Why does Transition Hoops Report ask for certain information
on a profile?

Everything in the profile has a purpose and is intended to help players and college coaches in the recruiting process. Game film helps a coach evaluate a player faster than if they had to see them live. Academic information can help a coach see if players meet entrance standards for their college and help players find other forms of scholarships. Facebook and Twitter accounts can help a coach get a better feel for the type of person a player is. All of the information is designed to match a player with the right college program.