On Court Leadership for the Modern Player



Being a former college basketball player and now a college basketball coach, I’ve seen many elements of what makes a player an “On-Court Leader”. Each coach/program might have different criteria they look for and not every leader will possess all of these characteristics.

I felt with our current age of player and social media craze, it was only appropriate to put a Tweet worthy list of characteristics together. So here they are, all in 140 characters or less, the list of 20 qualities that make up an on-court leader:

  1. An “On-Court Leader” leads the team in BODY CONTACT (High Fives/Fist Bumps)
  2. An “On-Court Leader” leads HUDDLES for his team (Free Throws/Dead Balls)
  3. An “On-Court Leader” is the first one to PICK A TEAMMATE UP off the court
  4. An “On-Court Leader” is the COACH'S VOICE during game action
  5. An “On-Court Leader” has positive BODY LANGUAGE from the tip; to the final whistle
  6. An “On-Court Leader” understands TIME and SCORE in all game situations
  7. An “On-Court Leader” can be CRITICIZED by his coaches and will GROW from it
  8. An “On-Court Leader” knows the GAMEPLAN as well as the coaching staff
  9. An “On-Court Leader” holds his teammates ACCOUNTABLE to their roles on the team
  10. An “On-Court Leader” COMPETES to win every possession
  11. An “On-Court Leader” RISES TO THE CHALLENGE of pressure situations
  12. An “On-Court Leader” only CARES ABOUT WINNING, disregarding personal performance
  13. An “On-Court Leader” has NO OFF SWITCH, whether on the court or sitting on the bench
  14. An “On-Court Leader” demonstrates TOUGHNESS through soreness, fatigue and adversity
  15. An “On-Court Leader” has earned his role through the HABITS and DAILY DISCIPLINE he brings to the team
  16.  An “On-Court Leader” has the unique ability to act as a LIASON between his teammates and coaching staff
  17. An “On-Court Leader” is a STUDENT OF THE GAME
  18. An “On-Court Leader” doesn’t just lead on the court; they LEAD in the classroom, on-campus and in the community.
  19. An “On-Court Leader” stays HUMBLE at all times and GIVES CREDIT to his teammates and coaches
  20. An “On-Court Leader” enjoys THE PROCESS of preparation

About Brad Schmit

Brad Schmit is the Associate Head Coach at Montana State University-Billings where he has coached the last six seasons. He is also the owner and co-founder of Midwest Elite Basketball, which operates hundreds of satellite camps for high school programs across the country.

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