Top Performers from the Idaho Showcase

by Transition Hoops Report

From Northwest Nazarene University, the Idaho Showcase was host to 60 players from around Idaho, eastern Washington and eastern Oregon. The Showcase, held on October 5-7, also featured a long list of notable coaches and speaking guests. The showcase consisted of competitive skills, games and athletic training.

The showcase ended on Saturday with two all-star games. One was an upper classman game (current juniors and seniors) and the other was an under classman game (current sophomores or younger).

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Below were the top performers from the weekend. We broke them out by class and placed in alphabetical order.

Class of 2018

Zack Barton (6’2 SG Kuna HS) – has a great understanding of the game, how to move without the ball, and make game winning plays. Barton can step outside and knock down the 3 and slash to the basket and make plays at the rim. He is a nice small college prospect.

Brennon Costello (5'11, PG, Gonzaga Prep HS) - very quick with a great burst of speed.  Costello is an elite passer that knows how to get his teammates good looks and break down the defense.  He is an effecient shooter that shoots a very high percentage.  Has a high basketball IQ and had a great weekend catching the eyes of multiple college coaches.  He would be a great lead guard for a small college.  

Idaho Showcase Upper All Stars
Logan Drace (6’0 SG Centennial HS) – terrific athlete/ bouncy. Drace is at his best when he is slashing to the rim or finishing in transition. His athleticism allows him to be versatile on both ends. He would be a good addition for an NWAC or small college.
Jake Furgerson (6’7 PF Eagle HS) – long and athletic. Furgerson can shoot the 3 and is a great stretch 4. He can rebound above the rim and his length allows him to defend multiple positions. When engaged and playing to his full potential he is a NAIA/ D2 prospect.
Kamron Modrow (6’5 SF Centennial HS) – is a great all around player with a nice feel for the game. Modrow can step out and hit the 3, get to his mid range jumper or slash and finish at the rim. He knows how to move without the ball for open looks. Defensively he is versatile enough to guard multiple positions. The more aggressive he is the better he plays. He would be a nice asset for a lot of NAIA or D2 programs.
Danny Oliver–Connelly (6’4 PF Bishop Kelly HS) – plays hard and battles for every loose ball. Oliver–Connelly didn’t shoot it great this weekend. But he is a capable stretch 4 man, versatile defender, and great rebounder. He would be a nice addition for an NWAC or small college looking to add some toughness.
Cayden Wright (6’0 PG Skyview HS) – great feel for the game, plays hard and is a great teammate/ leader. Wright is a high level shooter from 3 or mid range and can get in the lane and finish through contact. He would be a great small college player.

Class of 2019

Brandton Chatfield (6’9 C Orofino HS) – great athlete, long, and plays hard. Chatfield runs the floor hard, challenges every shot, and battles for loose balls. His skill set is improving but he is worth tracking because he is a hard worker that wants to be great.
Connor Cooper (6’0 SG Eagle HS) – plays hard and makes game winning plays. Cooper moves hard without the ball, has a great feel for the game, and is a sneaky tough defender. The stronger he can get the better.
Jameson Dennis (6’1 SG Eagle HS) – high energy wing that shows great leadership/ teammate qualities. Dennis is a nice perimeter shooter and is a strong rebounder.
Sawyer Elizondo (6’5 PF Ontario HS) – confident scorer that can knock down the 3, hit the mid range jumper, or drive and finish at the rimElizondo will only get better the more he learns to move without the ball and as he gets more reps against good competition.
Carter Fletcher (6’4 SG Emmett HS) – good sized wing with length and athleticism. Fletcher plays with a high motor, is a good perimeter shooter and can slash and finish at the rim through contact. He is a nice prospect worth keeping an eye on.
Spencer Hathaway (6’3 PF Madison HS) – crafty inside/ outside player. Knows how to score around the rim and can hit the spot up 3. Hathaway has a good feel and understands how to move without the ball to get open looks.
Austin Hayhurst (6’9 C Eagle HS) – continues to get better every week. Hayhurst battles for rebounds, has a nice back to the basket game/ jump hook, and can step out and knock down the perimeter jumpshot. He is an intriguing prospect because of his size and touch.
Drew Lajocies (6’4 SG Eagle HS) – big wing that plays with a high motor. Lajocies is a consistent perimeter jump shooter, battles his way to the rim to finish, and has a nice feel for the game. He brings a lot of energy for his team and makes game winning plays.
Cole Lake (5’11 PG Eagle HS) – quick and puts constant pressure on the defense with his change of pace. Always a threat to drive and kick or pull up and shoot the perimeter jumper. Lake is a strong defender and plays hard. Because the ball is in his hands so much and his aggressive style of play he is a major factor in winning or losing games.
Kolby Modrow (6’5 SF Centennial HS) – great feel for the game and makes game winning plays. Modrow is a knock down shooter that knows how to move without the ball to get open looks or put pressure on the rim for easy buckets at the rim. He is a great teammate and worth keeping an eye on.
Kobe Niehoff (5’11 SG Capital HS) – confident 3 point shooter with deep range. Niehoff is a solid ball handler and has a good feel for moving to without the ball to get open looks. His ability to knock down the 3 sets up his nice mid range jumper. At his best when he lets the game come to him.
Troy Patterson (6’5 SF Kuna HS) – versatile wing that is a good athlete with nice length. Patterson is a good shooter from 3 and also has a nice pull up mid range jumpshot. His size and perimeter skills make him an intriguing prospect.
Jake Poulton (5’11 PG Columbia HS) – skilled combo guard that has a good handle and scorer’s mentality. Poulton is at his best when he lets the game come to him. He is a great shooter which can set up his mid range game and allow him to get to the rim.
Tripp Pugmire (6’7 PF Columbia HS) – tough competitor that plays with a high motor. Pugmire can step out and shoot the perimeter jumpshot or make plays with his back to the basket. He needs to keep getting reps against tough competition.

Class of 2020

Britton Berrett (6’2 SG Rigby HS) – long and athletic wing. Berrett is a good perimeter shooter with a smooth stroke, is willing to mix it up inside, and is a good rebounder. Has a lot of potential because he has a great feel and is a big wing.
Idaho Showcase Under All Star
Kelvin Cobbley (6’2 PF Timberline HS) – elite rebounder with a huge rebounding range. Cobbley is a tough defender that makes game winning plays and sets strong screens. His jumpshot is improving but needs to continue to get more consistent.
Caleb Fong (5’3 PG Melba HS) – great leader and has an excellent feel. Fong can knock down the perimeter jumper and attack the defense to set up teammates for easy buckets. Makes a lot of game winning plays.
Aiden Fox (6’0 PF Capital HS) – smart point guard that can get his team into their offense or make plays off the dribble. Fox is a good finisher around the rim and has a good perimeter jumpshot.
Cooper Frith (5’10 PG Rocky Mountain HS) – a tight handle and great feel allows Frith to play the point. But his ability to shoot at a high percentage means he can also play the shooting guard. He is a fierce competitor that makes game winning plays. Great teammate and prospect to watch.
Tanner Hayhurst (6’5 SG Eagle HS) – big wing with deep range and can attack the rim and finish. Hayhurst is a good looking prospect because he can score in so many ways. If he will consistently play with a high motor his ceiling is through the roof.
Nelson Lomeli (5’10 PG Homedale HS) – plays hard and low to the ground. Lomeli has a nice burst to the rim and can finish through contact. He is a strong ball handler and competes on both ends.
Tyler Robinett (6’6 PF Middleton HS) – great size and athleticism. Robinett can step out and hit the 3 or mid range jumper or score with his back to the basket. He needs to continue to play with more toughness and urgency. He has a high ceiling and a ton of potential.
Straton Rogers (6’3 SF Rocky Mountain HS) – big time athlete with great length and has a nice feel for the game. Rogers is a high level slasher and knows how to use his athleticism to be a terrific and versatile defender. He can knock down the 3 or get to the rim and finish. Great looking prospect.
Nathan Sherle (5’9 PG Rocky Mountain HS) – very smart lead guard that is always on balance and in control of the tempo. Sherle plays at a good pace. He can knock down the 3 and has a very high percentage mid range jumpshot. Winner.

Class of 2021

Cash Cowdery (6’0 SF Middleton HS) – strong and versatile player that can play and guard every position. Cowdery is a big time athlete that can hit the perimeter jumpshot or slash to the rim and finish through contact.
Emmett Holt (5’11 SG Century HS) – good size and solid perimeter shooter. Holt needs to continue to play against strong competition and move without the ball.
Tony Ramos (5’9 PG Century HS) – unselfish player that knows how to move without the ball. Willing to do the dirty work like set screens and hit the boards.
Elijah Reese (5’6 PG Columbia HS) – active player with a good feel for the game. At his best when he makes the simple play and doesn’t over complicate things.
Joseph Schulkins (5’9 SG Columbia HS) – good floor leader that gets his teammates involved. Showed high basketball IQ by making the correct extra pass on a regular basis.
Hayden Schultz (5’11 SF Century HS) – strong and great athlete. Schultz can go to the next level if he continues to work on his ball skills.
Noah White (5’9 SG Mountain View HS) – good feel for the game. White has a nice jumpshot, good ball skills, and plays hard. He has a lot of potential.

Combine Results

Vertical Jump

1. Logan Drace - 36"

2. Hayden Schultz - 30.5"

3. Brennon Costello - 30"

4. Zack Barton - 29.5"

5. Carter Fletcher - 28.5"

5. Cole Lake - 28.5"

5. Sawyer Elizondo - 28.5"


1. Brady Taylor - 4.38 sec

2. Logan Drace - 4.41 sec

2. Cole Lake - 4.41 sec

4. Enrique Quebrado - 4.42 sec

5. Zack Barton - 4.47 sec

Box Agility

1. Danny Oliver-Connelly - 10.53 sec

1. Brennon Costello - 10.53 sec

3. Cole Lake - 10.72 sec

4. Logan Drace - 10.78 sec

5. Kelvin Cobbley - 11.04 sec