Players In Top Form In Butte

by Transition Hoops Report

Montana Showcase Action 1With nearly 90 players in action from Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Nevada and Colorado, the Montana Showcase proved talented and competitive. Several players proved they were true prospects and one even left with an offer. 

If you are interested in watching the All Star games that we posted on our Facebook page, here is the link (click here). You can also find a bunch of other videos here from the Showcase. 

Class of 2018

Slade Cobb (6’4 PF Billings Senior HS, Montana) – very bouncy and strong.  Cobb is a slashing forward that can play above the rim and attacks the offensive glass.  He would be a strong player for a junior college or small college looking for an athlete.

Rydell Floyd (6’2 SF Park HS, Montana) – strong athletic lefty that is a confident scorer.  Floyd is always in attack mode.  He is a capable shooter and can finish through contact in the paint.

Zach Hidalgo (6’4 SF Frontier Academy HS, Colorado) – long and athletic wing that makes a lot of game winning plays.  Hidalgo can score from all 3 levels and is good in transition.  He is an NAIA/ D2 level prospect.  Great leader.

All Star Senior

Connor Kiekbusch (6’0 PG Billings Senior HS, Montana) – great leader with a really high basketball IQ.  Kiekbusch can shoot the 3, mid range pull up jumper, or finish at the rim.  He would be a great addition to a small college or JC.

Kendall Kynett (6’0 PG Great Falls HS, Montana) – good athlete that has a nice handle and can get your team into their offense.  Kynett is shifty and can score in a lot of different ways.

Phillip Malatare (6’1 PG Arliee HS, Montana) – really quick and athletic guard that can get a lot of separation off the dribble.  Malatare puts a lot of pressure on the defense and defensively gets a lot of deflections and steals.  He is a D2/ NAIA prospect and picked up an offer from Montana Tech at the showcase.

Hunter McKinney (6’2 SG Great Falls HS, Montana) – brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm to every drill and game.  McKinney is a confident shooter that understands how to move without the ball to get open looks.  He would be a nice player for a junior college or small college.

Treyton Pickering (6’5 PF North Toole HS, Montana) – strong, physical, and powerful.  Pickering is an elite rebounder that is always around the ball.  He is a winner and really tough and would be an asset for an NAIA or D2 program.

Ethan Pyron (6’2 SF Frenchtown HS, Montana) – strong body and good athlete.  Pyron is a capable shooter and tough on ball defender.

Beau Santistevan (6’7 PF Bigfork HS, Montana) – long and versatile forward that can play inside or outside.  Santistevan can play with his back to the basket or step outside and knock down the perimeter jumper.  He is a good rebounder and is a presence in the paint.  Would be a good junior college or small college player.

Robbie Simpson (5’11 PG Bozeman HS, Montana) – athletic and strong lead guard that plays low to the ground.  Simpson is a natural leader that is a good ball handler and has a nice perimeter jumpshot.  He would be a nice player for a junior college or small college.

Nano Stiffarm (6’1 SG Browning HS, Montana) – smart wing that has a nice stroke from 3.  Stiffarm knows how to move without the ball to get good looks and understands spacing.

Sam Vining (6’2 SG Great Falls CMR HS, Montana) – tough shooter with a high basketball IQ.  Vining is a great shooter with deep range.  He battles for loose balls and makes game winning plays.  Would be a nice small college or junior college prospect.

Alexander Whitman (6’5 PF Kalispell Glacier HS, Montana) – strong and plays hard.  Alex is a tough rebounder and can stretch the defense out the 3 point line.  He is a great teammate and brings a lot of energy.  Would be a nice junior college or small college player.

Nickolas Whitman (6’5 PF Kallispell Glacier HS, Montana) – athletic and strong.  Nick is a nice stretch four that battles for loose balls.  He has a lot of enthusiasm and is fun to play with.  Would be a nice junior college or small college player.

Class of 2019

Isaac Bell (6’4 SF Chinook HS, Montana) – long athlete that is a good slasher.  Bell puts a lot of pressure on the rim off the dribble or moving hard without the ball.

Jaden Graham (6’5 SF Fergus HS, Montana) – great sized wing that is athletic and long.  Graham is a great perimeter shooter that has a great feel for the game.  He has D1 potential because of his size and ability to score from all 3 levels.

Michael Haverfield (6’4 SF Dillion HS, Montana) – very high basketball IQ and feel for the game.  Haverfield makes a lot of game winning plays because he plays with a high motor and is really versatile and tough.  He can score at all the levels and guard multiple position.  High level prospect.

Jack Lincoln (6’4 SF Loyola Sacred Heart HS, Montana) – athletic and aggressive.  Lincoln attacks the rim off the dribble very hard.

Sayer Patton (6’2 SG Choteau HS, Montana) – shifty and crafty player with the ball.  Patton has a ton of confidence and can score from all 3 levels.  He is good in transition.

Class of 2020

Jonathon Baer (6’4 PF Colstrip HS, Montana) – elite rebounder that makes game winning play after game winning game.  Baer can knock down the perimeter jumpshot and finish through contact at the rim.  He is a competitor and very versatile.

Maxwell Davis (6’0 PF Skyview HS, Montana) – strong body and tough.  Davis is a great rebounder and can finish through contact. Creates extra possessions for his team with his effort.

All Star Soph

Luke Heaphy (5’9 SG Butte Central HS, Montana) – combo guard that can play point or shooting guard.  Heaphy is a smart player that can really shoot it.

Riley Spoonhunter (6’3 SF Heart Butte HS, Montana) – strong body with a good feel.  Spoonhunter can fill it up from the perimeter.

Class of 2021

Neil Daily (6’2 PF Missoula Sentinel HS, Montana) – long and athletic and plays with a great motor.  Daily is a great rebounder that loves to battle.  He makes a lot of game winning plays.

Alex Germer (6’4 SG Missoula Sentinel HS, Montana) – can play the point or the wing and is a great sized guard with a nice basketball body.  Germer can score at all 3 levels and consistently makes the right play with the ball – excellent passer.  He is a D1 prospect that is worth keeping a close eye on.

Caidin Hill (5’9 PG Manhattan Christian HS, Montana) – great lead guard that makes a ton of game winning plays – makes the extra pass, takes charges, sets hard screens, etc.  Hill can shoot the 3 and has a nice mid range game.  Very high basketball IQ that is a great leader and teammate.

Hayden Kolb (6’2 SG Missoula Sentinel HS, Montana) – very smooth player that has a great feel for the game.  Kolb is a great perimeter shooter which sets up his mid range game.  He is a nice passer and would be a lot of fun to play with.

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