Use challenges and criticism to take your game to the college level

by Transition Hoops Report

Facing ChallengesWe have had the opportunity to speak openly with various college coaches.  One key topic was how players respond to challenges and criticism. 
College players get challenged on a daily basis. This includes the weight room, on the track, in individual workouts, and in the classroom.  They get criticized by coaches, fans, scouts, and media. This is a truth of any college player's life.
College coaches' expectations are similar. If a player cannot handle a challenge they won't play college basketball. Unless the player is a freak, they must handle criticism to play at the next level.

Here's is what it takes in college basketball

If a player is playing at a college skill level then they have developed their weaknesses. At some point they were told they needed to work on certain aspects of their game or athleticism. The players that make it to the next level have accepted that challenge. They embraced it. They used it to improve their weakness. The players that cannot handle the criticism never make it far enough to play at the college level.
The players that are playing big minutes take a challenge to the next level. They are maniacal about turning their weaknesses t into strengths. These become elements of their skill sets they can count on in practices and games. 
The coaches we speak with all tell great stories about players having major weaknesses exposed. And then about how they accepted the challenge to improve.  They leaned on the coaching staff to help them develop and strengthen their skill set. The players appreciated the feedback to make them better players.  And they turned their weaknesses into some of the strongest parts of their game. 

Here's what college coaches need to know

When recruiting, college coaches are searching for players that want to be coached
Does the player want to get better and are they going to improve when they are in college?  Have they improved throughout high school?  How hard are the players willing to work to become the best players they can be?  Do they strive for excellence and want to be the best player they can be? 
To play college basketball, a player has to be able to handle criticism and accept challenges. Those that will not accept the challenges they face will find their basketball careers coming to an end.