From the Northwest Premier Invitational

by Transition Hoops Report

On May 12-14 the Northwest Premier Invitational featured over 150 teams from Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Canada.  This is the third tournament in the last month so some players jumped onto our radar while others showed that they could consistently get the job done.  

Making an impact

Here are players that we either saw for the first time or made a statement this weekend.  

Class of 2017

Filip Fullerton (6’10 C Southridge HS, OR) – big and strong.  Fullerton is a physical presence in the interior.  He is a bit raw but for a college looking for size late he would be a very solid pick up.  

Class of 2018

Garrett Berger (6'5 SG Longview HS, WA) - great combination of size, length, and skill set make him a high level prospect.  He has range beyond the 3 point line and really nice mid range game.  Berger can score in bunches and is a tough match up.  He is a prospect to watch on the summer circuit.  

Austin Dufort (6’7 PF Tigard HS, OR) – nice stretch four that can knock down perimeter jumpshots.  Good feel for the moving without the ball to get open looks. 

Trey Johnson (6’5 SF Hillcrest HS, ID) – really good athlete with good length.  Versatile offensive and defensive player.  At his best slashing to the rim.

Andrew Kenny (6’6 SG Bellevue HS, WA) – great shooter with size.  Kenny understands how to move without the ball to get good looks and has range beyond the 3 point line.  He is also a strong rebounder. 

Jacob Medjo (6’8 PF Bothell HS, WA) – great inside/ outside player that is a matchup nightmare.  Medjo can step outside and knock down perimeter jumper or make plays in the paint on both ends. 

Chuka Mekkam (6'1 PG Jesuit HS, OR) - elite on ball defender that is strong, quick, and plays low to the ground.  He showed that he can also knock down the 3 and really get it going.

Tyler O'Donnell (6'5 SF Rocky Mountain HS, ID) - pure shooter with a strong body and great range.  O'Donnell has a ton of confidence and can really fill it up.  Plays hard.  

Carson Tuttle (5’9 PG Kamiak HS, WA) – super tough leader that has a great burst.  Tuttle can make all the plays you want your pg to make – handle the ball, make the right pass, knock down jumpers, push tempo.  He plays really hard and has a high basketball IQ. 

Matt Van Tassell (6’6 PF Mountain View HS, OR) – very strong and physical.  Posts hard in the paint and takes up a lot of space.  Physical presence on both ends and battles for rebounds and loose balls. 

Joe Wall (6'5 PF Jesuit HS, OR) - shot the ball at a very high level consistently all weekend long.  Wall knows how to move without the ball to get open looks.  

Class of 2019

Deshun Harwell (6'1 PG Century HS, ID) - combo guard with great balance and can elevate and score.  Harwell is tough scorer with a lot of confidence.  

Drew LaJocies (6’4 SF Eagle HS, ID) – playmaker that can really shoot and score.  LaJocies plays really hard and makes game winning plays.

Still Grinding

These guys kept proving their case that they can perform at a high level.  We've seen them play multiple times this spring and they consistently impressed our staff.  If you want a more in depth look at how they’ve done the past couple of weekends, check out this article.

Class of 2017

Coleman Clayton (5’10 PG Bonneville HS, ID) - gritty defender.

David Tserger (6’8 PF Sequoia HS, WA) – great shooting stretch 4. 

Traycer Wilson (6’7 C Box Elder HS, UT) – strong and athletic. 

Class of 2018

Isaac Amaral – Artharee (6’3 PG Central Catholic HS, OR) – shifty shooter with great size.

Mack Anderson (6’8 PF Bozeman HS, MT) - impressive in the paint and continues to show a high ceiling.

Lucas Centeno (6’3 SG Boise HS, ID) -  shot it again at a high level.  Great feel.

Slade Cobb (6’4 PF Billings Senior HS, ID) – bouncy and strong.

Garrett Crane (6’4 SF Highland HS, ID) - strong and aggressive scorer.

Chase Critchfield (6’2 SG Evanston HS, WY) - pure shooter

Logan DeHaven (6’3 SF Billings Skyview HS, MT) – great slasher and versatile offensive and defensive player.

Kelson Eiselein (6’5 PF Roundup HS, MT) - proving he is an elite shooter and playmaker.

Jalen Galloway (6’6 PF Mountain View HS, ID) - elite rebounder especially on the offensive end.

Braxton Hill (6’2 SG Anaconda HS, MT) - shot the perimeter jumper really well and is really versatile.

Connor Keickbusch (6’0 PG Billings Senior HS, MT) - versatile and big time winner.

Derek Marlowe (6’2 PG Hillcrest HS, ID) - very high level scorer.

Brayden Parker (6'8 C Preston HS, ID) – soft touch and soft hands and a couple high quality back to the basket moves.  

Paul Pennington (5’10 PG Boise HS, ID) - relentless and really scored it.

TJ Reynolds (6’6 PF Shelby HS, MT) -  battled for every board and shot it at a high percentage.

Bryce Sloan (6'2 PG Lincoln HS, OR) -  puts a lot of pressure on the defense because he is always attacking the rim. 

Emmit Taylor III (6’4 SG Lapwai HS, ID) - elite shooter

Clancy Thomas (6’6 PF Snake River HS, ID) – great slasher and athlete. 

Class of 2019

Zachary Schacht (6’10 C Billings Skyview HS, MT) – big time athlete that shows flashes of greatness. 

Class of 2020

Tru Allen (5’11 PG Clarkston HS, WA) – elite ball handler with great feel for the game.


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