Rankings for the Class of 2017

by Transition Hoops Report


Here are the final rankings for this release period. We introduce the class of 2017, this year’s seniors. This class loaded with no brainer Division I guys and some guys that are right on the DI/DII bubble. The early signing period begins November 9 and some guys are still quiet on their decisions.

One thing you might be wondering is, how does the list compare today when you look at it from last year? Click here to take a look at the Class of 2017 one year ago.

What do you think? Is anyone out of order?

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Class of 2017

#1 – Jaylen Nowell (6’5 SG Garfield HS, WA)

#2 – Corey Kispert (6’7 SG King’s HS, WA)

#3 – Daejon Davis (6’3 SG Garfield HS, WA)

#4 – Hunter Thompson (6’10 C Pine Buffs HS, WY)

#5 – Kolby Lee (6’9 C Rocky Mountain HS, ID)

#6 – Brendan Howard (6’6 PF Great Falls HS, MT)

#7 – Isaac Bonton (6’2 PG Parkrose HS, OR)

#8 – Roberto Gittens (6’5 SF Foss HS, WA)

#9 – Trevin Knell (6’5 SG Woods Cross HS, UT)

#10 – Nolan Bertain (6’4 SG West Linn HS, OR)

#11 – Jaxon Brenchley (6’4 PG Mountain Crest HS, UT)

#12 – Aaron Nettles (5’10 PG Seattle Prep HS, WA)

#13 – Collin Welp (6’8 PF Seattle Prep HS, WA)

#14 – Elijah Gonzales (5’8 PG Clackamas HS, OR)

#15 – Tanner Groves (6’9 C Shadle Park HS, WA)

#16 – Zach Reichle (6’4 SG Wilsonville HS, OR)

#17 – Kobe Terashima (6’1 PG Rocky Mountain HS, ID)

#18 – Scott Blakney (6’8 PF Prosser HS, WA)

#19 – Justin Saunders (6’1 SG Capital HS, ID)

#20 – Nate Pryor (6’1 PG West Seattle HS, WA)

Honorable Mention (In alphabetic order)

Nick AhSam (6’1 PG Springfield HS, OR)

Trevon Ary-Turner (6’2 PG Issaquah HS, WA)

Hodges Bailey (6’1 SG Centrailia HS, WA)

Matthew Berger (6’6 PF LaSalle HS, OR)

Rayvaughn Bolton (6’2 PG Kentwood HS, WA)

Trystan Bradley (6’8 PF Lewiston HS, ID)

Reed Brown (6’6 PF Sunset HS, OR)

Cameron Cranston (6’4 SG Union HS, WA)

Sindou Diallo (6’2 PG Curtis HS, WA)

RayQuan Evans (6’3 PG Skyview HS, MT)

Delveion Jackson (6’5 SF Centennial HS, ID)

Brooks King (6’3 SG Centennial HS, ID)

Jalen King (6’9 C Chiawana HS, WA)

Wilfried Likayi (6’8 PF Park Rose HS, OR)

Luke Lovelady (6’6 SF Life Christian HS, WA)

Darius LuBom (6’0 PG Kentwood HS, WA)

Troy Mickelson (6’1 PG Black Hills HS, WA)

Yusuf Mohamed (6’7 PF West Seattle HS, WA)

Joey Naccarato (6’4 SF Coeur d’ Alene HS, ID)

Zeke Quinlan (6’7 PF Life Christian HS, OR)

Ben Rigby (6’6 PF Davis HS, UT)

Caden Smith (6’3 SG Pendleton HS, OR)

Jett Sobotta (5’11 PG Clarkston HS, WA)

Sawyer Storms (6’7 PF Idaho Falls HS, ID)

Khalid Thomas (6’7 SF South Salem HS, OR)


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