Final Eval Period - From Las Vegas

by Transition Hoops Report

From Las Vegas, Transition Hoops caught the final evaluation period of July. We hit both the Bigfoot Classic and the adidas Summer Championships.

Class of 2017

Jake Albright (6'5 PF Idaho Select White) - long and tough forward that is a great shot blocker.  Albright plays extremely hard and has a huge rebounding range.  He gets better every time we see him play. 

Hodges Bailey (6'2 SG Idaho Select Black) - physical and tough.  Bailey makes game winning plays every time he is on the court.  He came off injury this summer and as he gets healthier the more dominant he will be.

Isaac Bonton (6’2 PG Team Bradley Northwest Panthers) – got a chance to see that when he is engaged he is a good on ball defender. Pair that with his performance against Billups Elite where he was really the only productive player on offense and you can see why his future is bright.

Jaxon Brenchley (6’4 PG Utah Prospects) – was at his best when he could go right and then turn the corner, especially coming off a ball screen. He is a versatile player with good feel and looks like he has been adding some size to his frame.

Daejon Davis (6'3 SF Seattle Rotary) - really bouncy and athletic.  Davis was very active on both ends of the court making him very productive.  He is a great rebounder out of range, gets a lot of deflections on defense, and can finish through contact around the rim. 

Sindou Diallo (6'2 PG Boise Flite) - showed a great burst with the ball throughout the weekend.  Diallo was putting a ton of pressure on the defense and had some great finishes above the rim. 

Nick Fitts (5'7 SG Uptempo Hoops) - great shooter with deep range.  If Fitts is inbounds he is in range and shoots a very high percentage.  He is a solid ball handler and a shooting specialist. 

Kobi Gardea (5'9 PG Idaho Select White) - excellent ball handler with a nice burst of speed and can stop and start on a dime.  Even through an injured hand, Gardea made big plays all summer.

Roberto Gittens (6’5 SF Team Bradley Northwest Panthers) – Gittens looks a little bigger but remains very athletic. He didn’t get many opportunities to score within the offense but ran the floor hard and was productive in on the glass.

Tanner Groves (6'9 C Eastern Washington Elite) - works hard to get position and battles for loose balls.  Groves has a soft touch on his jumpshot.  He has a high ceiling. 

Brendan Howard (6'6 PF Idaho Select Black) - shot the ball extremely well from 3 was a dominate player with his back to the basket.  Howard is a nightmare matchup which led to more D1 offers. 

Drew Huse (6’0 SG Montana Select Blue) – versus EBC Huse did very well against Seattle commit Aaron Nettles. He hit open 3s, created to get to the basket and finished around contact or with a nice looking floater.

Delveion Jackson (6'5 SF Boise Flite) - showed flashes of greatness finishing above the rim or making a play with the ball.  His length and athleticism are impressive. 

Brooks King (6'3 SG Idaho Select Black) - deadly from 3.  King knows how to move without the ball to get great looks and cashes in on his opportunities.

Corey Kispert (6'7 SG FOH Lavine) - once again showed why he is one of the best players in the northwest.  Kispert is so tough and he always brings it 100%.  He is a going to be special for Gonzaga.

Trevin Knell (6’5 SG Utah Prospects) – was absolutely fantastic on the catch and shoot from 3-point range. Definitely set himself apart.

Kolby Lee (6’9 C Team Fast) – Lee didn’t get a lot of touches during the week but still had an impact on the boards.

Wilfried Likayi (6’8 SF Team Bradley Northwest Panthers) – was very active on the defensive glass and looked fluid around the rim on the catch.

Lance McCutcheon (6’3 SF Montana Select Blue) – anticipated well on defense and created a lot of deflections that led to transition baskets.

Ivory Miles Williams (6'3 SF Idaho Select White) - extremely versatile offensive and defensive player. Any ball he gets near he can snatch. He can guard 1 through 5 and play 1 through 4.  Miles Williams is a big time winner and finisher.

Joey Naccarato (6'4 SF Idaho Select Black) - made some big buckets and great passes all weekend long.  Naccarato is a physical and versatile defender.

Matt O'Brien (6’9 C Team Fast) – O’Brien showed some real flashes against top talent as he finished well around the basket. His size and touch make him a player coaches will want to check out.

Zach Reichle (6’4 SG Team Fast) – really shot the 3-ball off the catch well. Starting to grab some attention.

Max Reitman (6'1 SG Boise Flite) - can really shoot the ball when his feet are set.  Reitman understands how to move without the ball to get open looks and makes the most of his opportunities. 

Zharon Richmond 6’5 PF Montana Select Blue) – hit the boards hard and was scoring at the rim through contact and with his back to the basket.

Justin Saunders (6'1 SG Idaho Select Black) - shot the lights out all weekend long.  Saunders has a really quick release and a nice one dribble pull up. 

Caden Smith (6'3 SG Idaho Select White) - does a great job of creating space off the dribble.  Smith is a confident and versatile scorer. 

Jett Sobotta (5'11 SG Idaho Select Black) - is a great shooter that elevates on both his 3 and his mid range pull up.  Sobotta is also a really good athlete. 

Sawyer Storms (6'7 PF Idaho Select Black) - continued to make the right play at the right time.  Storms is a great inside/ outside threat that can make perimeter jumpers and get to the rim to score or set up teammates.  Really battles.

Kobe Terashima (6'1 PG Idaho Select Black) - finished the summer strong with another great weekend.  Terashima proved that he can make big plays with the ball against some of the best competition in the country.

Hunter Thompson (6’10 C Utah Prospects) – showed a nice touch from 12 feet and did a good job protecting the basket.

Class of 2018

Lucas Centeno (6'3 SG Idaho Select Red) - consistent high percentage shooter that will also get after it defensively and get to loose balls. 

Kelson Eiselein (6'5 PF Idaho Select Red) - scored from inside and outside. Eiselein is a versatile player that is bouncy and strong.  He can make a lot of plays. 

Charles CJ Elleby (6'6 SG Seattle Rotary) - long and smooth shooting guard that can get really hot.  Against FOH Lavine Elleby was tough defensively and made some nice perimeter plays on offense. 

Kamaka Hepa (6’9 SF Portland Basketball Club) – Hepa has had buzz swirling about him for some time and it’s grown since moving from Alaska to Portland so it was good to see him live. His ceiling is way up there and he showed a nice face up game from 15 feet and a smooth 3-point shot off the catch.

Andrew Kenny (6'6 SG FOH Lavine) - made some big 3's against Rotary. Kenny's size makes a big difference on the boards and his ability to knock down jumpshots stretches out the defense. 

Nicholas Lynch (6'9 C FOH Lavine) - monster on the interior.  Lynch is a big strong presence that is a good finisher around the basket and has a soft touch from 15 feet in. 

Jacob Medjo (6'8 PF FOH Lavine) - long and athletic.  Medjo makes some big plays by knocking down timely jumpshots or protecting the rim.  He plays hard and makes game winning plays.

Paul Pennington (5'7 PG Idaho Select Red) - makes his team go.  Pennington is a high assist, low turn over PG that is a crafty finisher and good perimeter shooter.  Tough kid and winner. 

Philip Pepple (6'8 PF Seattle Rotary) - strong and athletic forward.  Pepple is a physical presence on the interior with a big rebounding range and rim protector. 

Kevin Porter (6'5 SG Seattle Rotary) - when engaged Porter is a big time game changer.  He is really confident and can score in bunches especially off the bounce.  Very long and athletic.

Teagan Quitoriano (6’6 PF Portland Basketball Club) – played physical and showed he can finish through contact.

TJ Reynolds (6'6 PG Montana Select Silver) - tough and physical on the boards.  Reynolds is a rim protector that has a huge rebounding range and can score from the perimeter or finish around the rim. 

Max Rice (6'3 SG Boise Flite) - has a great feel for the game and is very competitive.  Rice has great range and can get to his mid range pull up or finish around the rim.  He plays at a very good pace and doesn't get sped up. 

Freddie Roberson (6’3 SG Seattle Rotary 16U) – the strong lefty showed a quick handle and the ability to get to the basket.

Erik Stevenson (6’4 SG Portland Basketball Club) – shot it well and really attacked the rim. Good size and is a consistent mid-range jump shot away from being able to score at all levels.

Jalen Thompson (6’2 SG Fast/ML20) – really got the 3-point shot going in the first half the game we saw. He also did a good job adjusting the second half to increased defensive attention by staying active and finding ways to get open.

Carson Tuttle (5'9 PG FOH Lavine) - tough PG that stays in total control of the tempo and doesn't get rattled.  Tuttle is a great shooter and his IQ keeps him out of bad spots on the court as a smaller player. 

Class of 2019

Philip PJ Fuller II (6'3 SG Seattle Rotary) - did a great job in the limited minutes he played.  Fuller is a terrific athlete and a big time prospect. 

Zachery Schacht (6'10 C Idaho Select Green) - long and athletic.  Schacht runs the floor hard, can finish above the rim, and is an elite rim protector.  He is a must see.

Marcus Tsohonis (6’4 PG Portland Basketball Club) – Tsohonis was impressive with his 3-point accuracy and his ability to see the floor. His shot is anything but conventional but he’s proven that when it gets going it can really set up the guard’s ability to create and hit open teammates.

Noah Williams (6’4 SF Seattle Rotary 16U) – even though he struggled somewhat against older players, you can see Williams’ potential. When he figures out to compete at that level he has a chance to be special.

Class of 2020

Marjon Beauchamp (6’3 PG Team Bradley Northwest Panthers 15U) – Beauchamp played up a year and playing against older and disciplined players definitely affected his productivity. However, you can definitely see his upside.

Donnelle Irvin (6’0 PG Team Bradley Northwest Panthers 15U) – Irvin played at an even tempo that allowed him to be affective. He showed a good handle and a good looking shot.

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