Fifty From the First Eval Period

by Transition Hoops Report

From Bellevue, Washington, the NW Summer Showcase featured the top teams and prospects from the northwest. It was a great way to get a solid evaluation foundation during the first July evaluation period.

Here are over 50 prospects of all levels and classes that will be worth keeping track of over the next few weeks.

Class of 2016

Ben Borja (6’7 C Oregon Swish) – though he’s not a dominant player, what was impressive about Borja is that he continues to improve and get more size. His progress isn’t a steep trajectory but considering that he gets at least a little bit better each time we see him is a good sign. Is reportedly heading to CC San Francisco.

Class of 2017

Trevon Ary-Turner (6’2 SG Elite Prep) – definitely has a basketball body. Showed good vision and the ability to pass accurately.

Hodges Bailey (6'2 SG Idaho Select Black) - super tough wing that battles for every loose ball.  Bailey can knock down the 3, hit the mid range jumper, and finish through contact at the rim.  

Zach Bernards (6’0 SG Oregon Swish) – with the addition of Isaac Bonton to the Swish roster, Bernards got a chance to play off the ball and did a good job. Showed he has the ability to knock down the outside shot.

Nolan Bertain (6'5 SG Maeko) - big shooting guard with a beautiful jumper, quick release, and deep range.  Bertain knows how to move without the ball to get open looks. 

Scott Blakney (6’8 PF FOH Team Lavine) – really looked good attacking the basket from the elbow and baseline. Knocked down some mid-range jumpers.

Rayvaughn Bolton (6'2 PG Friends of Hoop Lavine) - long lead guard with a smooth mid range game and good finisher.  Bolton is a good defender and smart with the ball. 

Isaac Bonton (6’2 PG Oregon Swish) – ran his team well and found ways to be productive. His composure, IQ and feel for the game show why he will be a Division I player.

Andreas Brown (6'4 SG Friends of Hoop Lavine) - strong body and great shooter.  Brown has a very nice 3 point and mid range jumpshot.  He has a high IQ and lets the game come to him.

Reed Brown (6'6 PF Maeko) - nice stretch four that competes.  Brown is physical enough to guard interior players and can really catch and shoot.  

Michael Carter (6’4 PG Elite Prep) – really athletic and was good with the ball in his hands. Hit his pull up and finished at the rim. Originally in the 2016 class, Carter may be heading to a prep school next year.

Derrius Collins(6’2 SG Montana Select Blue) – played strong and attacked the basket hard. Rebounded well.

Kobi Gardea (5'8 PG Idaho Select White) - super quick point guard with a tight handle.  Gardea can shoot off the dribble or catch with deep range. He can really get separation.  

Elijah Gonzales (5'8 PG Maeko) - lightning quick with the ball in his hands. Gonzalez is a crafty finisher in the paint and is a very good shooter off the catch or pull up.  He is elite at getting separation off the dribble.

Tanner Groves (6’8 C Eastern Washington Elite) – continues to show improvement. He was good finishing around the rim and showed he can hit the mid-range shot when left open.

Bradley Haller (6’4 PF Montana Select Blue) – Haller is a tough forward willing to do the dirty work. He has a knack for finishing around the basket, getting rebounds and he can defend. Will be great at small school.

Spencer Hoffman (6'10 C The Hoop Washington) - is a very physical player that gets deep position in the post and has a few strong back to the basket moves.

Brendan Howard (6'6 PF Idaho Select Black) - strong and fundamentally sound inside/ outside player.  Howard can really shoot and he can score off the drive or with his back to the basket.  His rebounding range is huge and he gets a ton of buckets on put backs and follow ups.  He is getting a lot of
D1 recruitment because he is so productive.

Jaxon Hughes (5'9 SG Idaho Select White) - made some really big 3s throughout the weekend.  

Drew Huse (6’0 SG Montana Select Blue) – plays at a great pace. Had stretches where he was hitting his outside shots and getting to the basket off the dribble.

Delveion Jackson (6'6 SF Boise Flite) - long and really athletic.  Jackson has a great basketball body and his length makes him an effective defender. He can get to the rim off the bounce.  

Corey Kispert (6’5 SG FOH Team Lavine) – played very solid all weekend. Though he went through a couple of sub-par stretches from behind the arc (by his standards) he countered by getting to the basket.

Darius LuBom (6’1 PG FOH Team Lavine) – was excellent running his team from the point. LuBom doesn’t seem to get sped up and was always under control. He created space and found open teammates and could score attacking the basket.

Ivory Miles Williams (6'3 SF Idaho Select White) - versatile and long athlete that can guard every position and play every position.  He is really tough off the dribble and is a great slasher.  

Damek Mitchell (5’10 PG Washington Elite Red 17U) – good lead guard with a solid handle. Was hitting the mid-range pull up.

Yusuf Mohamed (6'7 PF EBC Elite) - really long and athletic forward that can be an impact on both ends.  His length allows him to block shots and get a lot of deflections and he is athletic enough to finish around the rim. 

Joey Naccarato (6'4 SF Idaho Select Black) - really strong body that can guard 1 through 5.  Naccarato is really physical on the boards and seems to always come up with the ball. 

Aaron Nettles (5'11 PG EBC Elite) - quick and crafty point guard that is great at using ball screens to get open looks for himself and teammates. Nettles has great range and smooth pull up jumpshot.  He verbally committed to Seattle. 

Zeke Quinlan (6'6 PF Maeko) - very strong and athletic forward with good perimeter skills.  Quinlan is a physical rebounder, can step outside and make plays from the wing, and can finish at the rim. 

Justis Rainwater (6’8 PF Elite Prep) – incredibly athletic with a strong body. Still learning how to play the game so he would definitely be a project.

Zharon Richmond (6’5 PF Montana Select Blue) – had an up and down tourney but when he was engaged he was finishing around the rim, boarding and was a defensive presence.

Justin Saunders (6'1 SG Idaho Select Black) - great shooter off the dribble or catch and shoot.  Saunders has an elite mid range pull up jump shot and is a crafty finisher at the rim. 

Caden Smith (6'3 SG Idaho Select White) - long guard that is super athletic. Smith can really create his own shot and score.  He scored it from 3, mid range pull up and at the rim.  He is a very intriguing prospect. 

Sawyer Storms (6'7 PF Idaho Select Black) - strong bodied inside/ outside player.  Storms does a nice job distributing the ball out of the post and knows how to move without the ball to get open looks.  

Kobe Terashima (6'1 PG Idaho Select Black) - long pass first point guard that can really create open looks for his teammates.  Terashima is special using ball screens and is also a great on ball defender.  

Collin Welp (6'9 PF/C EBC Elite) - big bodied inside/ outside player with great range and a few nice interior moves.  Welp can pick and pop with the best of them and can finish around the rim with a soft touch.  Is getting a lot of low major D1 recruitment. 

Class of 2018

Khyree Armstead (6’3 PG North City) – lengthy guard that can get to the basket. If he can develop a consistent long range shot, he’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

Lucas Centeno (6'3 SG Idaho Select Red) - excellent perimeter shooter off the catch.  Centeno is long and competes on the defensive end. 

Kelson Eiselein (6'5  PF Idaho Select Red) - great inside/ outside threat. Eiselein is tough with his back to the basket and is a great shooter from the perimeter.  He is sneaky athletic.  

Dawson Fowler (6' SG Montana Select Silver) - can really shoot and elevates on his jumper.  Fowler is athletic and strong.  

Braxton Haws (6'1 SG Montana Select Grey) - great shooter with range and confidence.  Haws moves well without the ball and has a scorers mentality.  

Jalen Galloway (6'6 PF Idaho Select Red) - great length and plays with a big motor.  Galloway is very skilled with his back to the basket and has a nice face up game and jumper.  He is a great shot blocker.  

Jacob Hjort (6'2 SG The Hoop Washington) - really good shooter that understands how to move without the ball to get open looks.

Tyler Johnson (6’4 SF Montana Select Silver) – shifty with the ball in his hands, he was able to create off the dribble and hit outside shots. Athletic and went to the defensive glass.

Andrew Kenny (6'6 SG FOH Team Lavine) - great sized wing.  Kenny was aggressive with his shot and it paid off with some big games.  He has great range and is a very good rebounder. 

Colby Kyle (6’7 PF North City) – has added some size since the last time we saw him. Continues to be a very good shot blocker, both on the ball and coming from help side. Also finished around the basket. Showed good feel in the paint both offensively and defensively.

Nicholas Lynch (6'9 C FOH Team Lavine) - big and strong bodied center.  Lynch gets low position in the block and can make plays with his back to the basket.  He has a great jump hook over both shoulders and has a big rebounding range.  

Emmitt Matthews, Jr. (6’7 PG Washington Supreme) – Matthews runs the point for Washington Supreme. He is a versatile player that can get to the basket off the bounce and is a threat on every play.

Jacob Medjo (6'8 PF FOH Team Lavine) - long forward with shooting range to the 3-point line.  Medjo is a good slasher and can finish at the rim. 

Paul Pennington (5'7 PG Idaho Select Red) - super competitive point guard. Pennington is really great with the ball in his hands and understands how to put pressure on the defense and run his team.

Casson Rouse (6’1 PG Washington Playmakers) – quick guard with a great handle. Rouse is very dynamic and showed that he has a good looking 3-point shot.

Erik Stevenson (6’4 SG Washington Supreme) – constantly attacks the basket off the dribble. We also saw him hit from behind the arc.

Carson Tuttle (5’10 PG FOH Team Lavine)  – the guard continues to show toughness and maturity every time on the floor. He handled pressure and knocked down shots when he got the opportunity.

Class of 2019

Zachery Schacht (6’10 C Idaho Select Green) – really good touch around the rim with good hands. He plays hard on every possession and affects shots on defense. 

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