What Level Do College Coaches Consider You?

by Transition Hoops Report

Colleges recruit prospects year round. Especially at the Division I level, coaches are setting up campus visits and getting ready to sign their top players. But if you are a prospect that hasn't been contacted by a Division I school or any other level, does that mean you will not be playing college basketball?

What level do college coaches consider you?

If you are a junior or senior in high school, you can tell what level college coaches consider you by how much a college is contacting you right now.

This time of the year is extremely busy for college coaches. At all college levels coaches are preparing for this season's players to get on campus, settle into their housing situations and get their classes on track for the new academic year. 

However, each level is working also working in their own way on recruiting and communicating with prospects. No matter what is going on, recruiting is still a critical part of a coach's job.

Here is a breakdown of what each level is doing this time of year with regards to prospects and recruiting. 

NCAA Division I

By this time, every D1 coaching staff has made a list of current senior prospects and has ranked them based on how big of a priority these prospects are to their program.  The first month or so of school is focused on setting up visits for top priority recruits and trying to get them to commit.  The school's second tier prospects will still be receiving communication but visits will be set up based on whether or not they get a commitment from their top recruits that play the same position.  A program's third tier players may have mild or no communication until after they go through their second tier of players. 
If you are a senior and are receiving either no or very minimal communication from Division I schools then you are either 1) in their third tier 2) didn’t make their prospect list or 3) these programs don’t know who you are. If you fall in to the third category then it is critical to get seen by a credible source that Division I schools trust ASAP.

NCAA Division II, Division III and NAIA

Most of these schools have a list of prospects that they are recruiting and communicating with but are constantly adding, changing and subtracting prospects. A campus visit to these schools depends on how open a prospect is to playing at this level. Schools may try and set up spring visits with prospects they hope will play for them.  They will also be communicating and/ or tracking very closely other players that are getting recruited by D1 programs and see what happens with them. Players that they consider D1 prospects that don't sign with D1 schools may become targets if they are a fit for that program.

Many of these programs will hold off on offering scholarships until next spring.  However, they are making their list of prospects year round.  The biggest thing to getting recruited to these colleges is to get on their radar anyway you can. 

Junior College / Community College

Junior college programs (and community colleges) won’t be actively recruiting until next spring and summer. Of course they are making lists of players they like but most junior college players end up at a junior college because of some sort of circumstance i.e. they don’t qualify for NCAA programs, they didn’t get the recruitment they wanted, they just transferred from a 4 year school, etc. These are mostly things that players won't know until next spring or summer. Because there are so many prospects that may be able to play at this level, most junior college programs rely heavily on contacts they have in the coaching world to help them find the best prospects for their programs. 
The common thread amongst every college basketball program in the country is that if they don’t know who you are and how good you are they can’t and won't recruit you.  The basketball fraternity across the country is a very small one so the more influential people you impress, the better chance you will find a team to play on

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