Idaho Showcase Brings In Top Players

by Transition Hoops Report

The Idaho High School Showcase featured some of the best players from across the state plus players from Washington and Montana. Throughout the weekend we had guest speakers from College of Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and College of Southern Idaho as well as one of the top referees in the northwest. Plus, Off the Field did combine testing for agility and vertical (see below for top 5 results). Transition Hoops capped off the weekend with very well played Junior/ Senior and Freshman/ Sophomore All – Star games.

Here are players that stood out throughout the weekend (listed by grade in alphabetical order):

Class of 2016

Connor Desaulniers (6’7 C Centennial HS, ID) – has gotten better every time we have seen him play. Desaulniers is physical with some tough back to the basket moves and runs the floor hard. Because he battles so hard on both ends in the paint he would be a very good addition for a NAIA or D2 program.

Zac Furgerson (6’4 SF Eagle HS, ID) – really shot the ball well all weekend long. Furgerson is an inside threat and a solid pick and pop player. He has the skill set to be a nice small college player.

Evan Henning (6’6 PF Boise HS, ID) – is a long stretch 4 man that is a very confident shooter with deep range. Henning could be a really good player in the NWAC or small college.

Josh Pilling (6’4 SF Minico HS, ID) – long wing that is versatile defensively. Pilling is a very good mid range shooter and can slash or drive to the basket and finish around the rim. The lefty would be a good player at an NWAC or small college.

Logan Sand (6’2 SG Baker City HS, OR) – is a nice sized shooting guard that can score it in a lot of ways. Sand understands how to move without the ball to get good looks. He would be a solid addition at an NWAC or small college program.

Forrest Smith (6’2 SG Caldwell HS, ID) – skilled combo guard that can handle the ball and make plays on the perimeter. Smith is long and a good athlete. He would be a contributor in the NWAC or small college.


Photo: Senior / Junior All Star Teams

Class of 2017

Matthew Brumley (6’5 PF Minico HS, ID) – solid inside outside player. Brumley has a soft touch on his perimeter jumpshot and is a crafty finisher in the paint.

Kobi Gardea (5’9 PG Pocatello HS, ID) – quick PG with a very high basketball IQ. Gardea is a great ball handler and passer that understands how to get the ball in places where teammates can make plays. He can also shoot it from 3.

Brooks King (6’3 SG Centennial HS, ID) – very high IQ and understands how to move without the ball. King’s length and ability to shoot make him a prospect to watch. Every time we see him play he continues to impress us becoming really effective going to the basket.

Kolby Lee (6’9 C Rocky Mountain HS, ID) – the best prospect at the showcase. Lee has a big strong body, soft hands and touch, can make plays with his back to the basket or square up and knock down jumpshots. He has multiple mid to high major offers and recruitment.


Photo: Kolby Lee

Max Reitman (6’1 SG Borah HS, ID) – fantastic shooter that consistently knocks down 3s or mid range jumpers. Reitman has a terrific approach to the game and his ability to shoot the ball translates to any college level. He understands how to get open looks moving without the ball.

Justin Saunders (6’1 SG Capital HS, ID) – terrific scorer that can hit the 3 and has a great mid range pull up jumpshot. Saunders handles the ball well enough to play the point or shooting guard. His body is really strong and allows him to make a lot of plays and translates well to the college level.

Sawyer Storms (6’5 SF Idaho Falls HS, ID) – terrific athlete that can play above the rim. Storms is an inside/ outside threat because he can post up or knock down the perimeter jumpshot. His athleticism and skill set make him a very intriguing D1 prospect.

Class of 2018

Lucas Centeno (6’3 SF Boise HS, ID) – very long wing that is aggressive and confident. Centeno has a scorer's mentality and is constantly attacking the rim.

Derek Evers (6’5 PF Borah HS, ID) – strong and powerful forward that can make plays inside and also step outside and knock down the perimeter jumpshot. Evers battles defensively and plays hard.

Trey Johnson (6’5 SF Hillcrest HS, ID) – very athletic and competitive. Johnson is a tough match up because he can step outside and knock down the 3 or go strong to the rim and finish. Plus he can play with his back to the basket and is a great rebounder. All of this makes him a legit college prospect.

Jake Furgerson (6’5 SF Eagle HS, ID) – long and athletic forward that can really shoot the 3 and make it look effortless. Furgerson has a great feel to get himself open looks. His size and natural ability make him a very intriguing prospect.

Drew Meyerhoeffer (6’2 SF Twin Falls HS, ID) – long and athletic wing. Meyerhoeffer is a good shooter from 3 with a nice mid range pull up jumpshot. He has the ability to be a great rebounding guard and elite defender.

Preston Meyerhoeffer (6’0 PG Twin Falls HS, ID) – athletic guard that can get separation off the dribble to set up his pull up jumper or floater. Meyerhoeffer is also a capable shooter from 3 and can really defend.

Kamron Modrow (6’3 SF Centennial HS, ID) – active and long wing that slashes hard to the basket. Mudrow is a solid shooter that can also beat defenders off the dribble and make plays in the paint. His length and athleticism makes him a versatile defender and rebounder.

Paul Pennington (5’9 PG Boise HS, ID) – tough competitor whose body continues to get stronger. Pennington is a great ball handler and can get separation off the dribble. He is also a very good 3 point shooter that sets up his ability to drive. Played smart all weekend.

Max Rice (6’3 SG Bishop Kelly HS, ID) – great feel for the game and demeanor where he won’t get rattled or sped up. Rice has deep range and a very good handle that allows him to play the point or shooting guard. He is a big guard that can make a lot of plays which makes him an intriguing college prospect.


Photo: Sophomore / Freshmen All Star Teams

Class of 2019

Andy Ford (5’3 PG East Jr HS, ID) – really shifty and fearless. Despite being small, Ford can get into the paint and get the ball to open teammates and is a deadly 3 point shooter.

Cole Lake (5’7 PG Eagle HS, ID) – quick and tough point guard with a really tight handle and good balance. Lake can shoot the 3 and has a nice feel to get teammates good looks.

Kobe Niehoff (5’7 SG Eagle HS, ID) – great shooter with deep range and a quick release. Very good ball handler and loves to compete.

Jaron Rillie (5’5 PG East Jr HS, ID) – excellent ball handler that has a great feel for the game. Rillie has really deep range and is a consistent shooter. He is a big time competitor and winner.

Hunter Stampfli (6’5 C Fruitland HS, ID) – big bodied post that can finish around the rim. Stampfli is a tough kid that battles for position on both ends.

Class of 2020

Tanner Hayhurst (5’10 SG Eagle Middle, ID) – very skilled guard that can play point or wing. Has a very high IQ and feel to go with a consistent 3 point shot and tight handle on the ball.

Combine top 5 results:

Vertical Jump
Trey Johnson 34.5 in
Preston Meyerhoeffer 33 in
Max Reitman 31.5 in
Lucas Centeno 30.5 in
Jonah Lutz and Jeremy Stevenson 30 in

Box Drill
Max Rice 11.09 sec
Tyler Seeger 11.16 sec
Sammi Ghazzoni 11.18 sec
Riley Brown 11.31 sec
Jaden Brown 11.33 sec

Pro Agility
Jeremy Stevenson 4.38 sec
Tyler Seeger 4.43 sec
Jaden Brown and Logan Sand 4.48 sec
Preston Meyerhoeffer 4.51 sec
Trey Johnson 4.53 sec

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