MLK Day Seattle Standouts

by Transition Hoops Report

From Seattle, Washington and the surrounding area, Transition Hoops celebrated MLK Day at four different showcase events including the ShoWare Center, Bellevue College, Eastside Catholic HS and Garfield HS. In all, we took at look at nearly 20 different teams from Washington.

Below is a look at the players that really made an impression and had college coaches talking in the stands.

Class of 2015

Vionte Daniels (6'2 SG Federal Way) - Bellevue played very physical defense on Daniels but he responded well. He made some tough shots and really showed that he will be capable at the next level.

Kyle Foreman (6'1 PG Bellevue) - Foreman knocked down several 3-pointers but his vision and passing is what really had people paying attention. Like most of the Bellevue players, he makes the extra pass but he can thread the needle off the dribble and in transition.

Max Jones (6'4 SG Davis) – the Lewis Clark State signee was one of the two most impressive players of the day. He was hitting 3’s, knocking down mid range pull up jumpers, slashing to the rim, and dunking home alley oops and put backs. LC State got a steal with Jones who also has a high basketball IQ.

Gunther Klimes (6'6 PF Bellevue) - Klimes drew the responsibility of defending Federal Way's Vionte Daniels most of the game and did a good job. Though Daniels hit some tough shots, Klimes made life difficult for him. He also hit a few mid range jumpers.

Nihkil Lizotte (5'9 PG Davis) – was terrific with the ball once again. His pull up jumper and ability to find the open teammate were elite for the Humbolt State signee.

DeJounte Murray (6'6 SG Rainier Beach) – was in a dog fight with Jaylen Nowell for Garfield. The Washington signee did a little bit of everything but struggled at times to get separation because of Garfield’s tenacious defense.

Jerome Petty (6'3 SG Cleveland) – showed the ability to stretch out the defense thanks to his smooth jumpshot. He would be a nice pick up for an NWAC or other junior college.

Joseph Riley (6'3 SF Franklin) – was super aggressive and physical. Riley competes on every play but needs to work on his perimeter shooting and let the game come to him. He would be an asset at a junior college to work on his ball skills.

Jewels Sanders (6'5 SG Cleveland) – has a great body and showed he could score off the bounce using it. Sanders is a good shooter especially off the dribble and he competes on both ends. He would be a good NAIA / D2 player or could go to a junior college to up his stock.


Emanuel Siale (6'7 PF Franklin) – is a big stretch 4 that can shoot but would benefit from banging in the post and getting a few gritty buckets inside. Siale would benefit from going to a junior college.

Glovanni Williams (6'2 SF Franklin) – showed great athleticism. He has a big body and is great going to the rim and in transition. Williams would benefit from a junior college to work on his jumpshot and perimeter ball skills.

Class of 2016

Alphonso Anderson (6'6 PF Garfield) – was a stud inside against Rainier Beach. He was making strong moves with his back to the basket, running the floor hard, and ripping down rebounds. Anderson plays with a big motor and will be a great mid to high major power forward.

Darius Anderson (6'6 C Jefferson) - Anderson has a big body and was not shy about using it to anchor in on the block. He showed a very touch with his right hand going over his left shoulder and wasn't afraid to body guys up on defense.

Quin Barnard (5'11 SG O'Dea) – is a fearless combo guard that will be a very good small college player. Bernard can really shoot it and knows how to get open without the ball. He also has a great feel for the game and uses good footwork and shot fakes to get past defenders for his mid range game or to set up teammates.

Cameron Benford (6'8 C Franklin) – really raw but has a lot of potential. Benford has a big body and is long. He is someone to keep on the radar because of his size.

Michael Carter (6'2 PG O'Dea) – combo guard with a lot of talent. Carter is really good with the ball in his hands. He can get separation off the bounce to set up teammates or his pull up jumpshot. He is one to keep an eye on because he is a long and shifty.

Sam Cunliffe (6'5 SG Bishop Blanchet) - Cunliffe showed why he is a top level prospect, making difficult plays look easy and scoring in multiple ways, whether from deep, hitting pull ups or finishing in transition. He still needs to work on being engaged in a positive way on every play but he certainly had college coaches talking about him.

James Edwards (6'9 C Franklin) – is really long and bouncy. Even though he is really raw, Edwards has a chance to be really good because he is so active and can play way above the rim.

D'Jimon Jones (6'2 SG Federal Way) - What really stood out about Jones was his on ball defense. He put heavy pressure on Bellevue guards the entire game, even as the score was getting out of hand. He also showed the ability to hit the 3-point shot.

Sharif Khan (6'1 SG Bellevue) - Khan got hot early in the game from deep and then added a few nice mid-range shots. He scored 26 points but wasn't selfish and often passed up open shots to get a teammate a better look.

Jerome Kidd (6'3 SG O'Dea) – was really good with the ball in his hands. He used his crossover to get to the rim or set up his pull up jumper. Kidd is also really long so he can guard multiple positions, rebound out of his range, and get his hands on a lot of balls. His potential is really high if he continues to get stronger.

Jalen McDaniels (6'8 SF Federal Way) - McDaniels seemed to be somewhat effected by the physical play inside for Bellevue in the first half and then got in to some foul trouble. But in the second half he responded well by getting more active and aggressive on the interior and from the high post. He showed good touch on his shot.

Tristan Miguel (6’10 C Auburn Mountainview) – even though he showed flashes of good footwork when he got touches on the block Miguel’s body limits how big of a factor he can be. He is light which allows smaller but more physical players to get him away from the basket where he struggles to be effective. He is long but needs to keep getting stronger.

Nick Navarro (6'1 SG Davis) – showed the ability to move without the ball and knock down the perimeter jumpshot. Navarro’s range is deep and he has a nice mid range pull up jumpshot.

Sam Saufferer (5'11 PG Jackson) - Saufferer did a good job from the lead guard position to get his team in their offense. He also showed the ability to knock down open 3-pointers and get to the 12-15 foot range to hit a soft pull up.

Alex Sommerfield (6'7 PF Jefferson) - Sommerfield played a lot on the perimeter as the main on ball screener within his team's offense but never hesitated to crash the boards and put a body on someone when the shot went up. His size make him worth keeping an eye on.

Class of 2017

Bryson Kelley (6'1 PG Stanwood) - Kelley plays on a solid Stanwood team that plays hard together. Sometimes that means that it is hard for individuals to standout but he's worth watching over the next couple of seasons because he has a natural feel for the game and will only get better as he plays more. He was engaged and involved in nearly every play.

Corey Kispert (6'5 SG King's) – is a big and strong shooting guard. Even though he struggled with his perimeter jumphot, Kispert had multiple powerful dunks in traffic showing improved athleticism. He is a mid to high major prospect. 

Jaylen Nowell (6'4 SF Garfield) – was the most impressive player of the day. Nowell plays with a huge motor. He defends, rebounds, and runs the floor to go with his ability to score. His mid range pull up jumpshot was on full display hitting it in the half court or in transition. He is a high major prospect whose stock will even get higher if he can consistently make 3 point jumpshots.

Class of 2018

CJ Elleby (6'5 SG Cleveland) – really long wing that can shoot and has a nice feel.  CJ has a lot of potential if his body continues to get stronger.

Collin Kelley (6'4 PF Davis) – understands the game and has a great basketball body.  Kelley knows how to move without the ball.  As his ball skills improve his stock will continue to rise.

Andrew Kenny (6'5 SG Bellevue) - When Bellevue's big man Michael Henn suffered a leg injury, Kenny stepped in to defend Federal Way's McDaniels and did a solid job in the first half. He is a versatile with a good upside.



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