NCAA Approved Recruiting Services

by Transition Hoops Report

If you want a chance to get your basketball evaluation in front of Division I coaches, be sure that you are being evaluated by NCAA approved recruiting services.

Why is being an NCAA approved recruiting service important?

NCAA Division I schools can only subscribe to NCAA approved recruiting services that have been previously certified and approved by the NCAA Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG).

Here's how the NCAA Scouting Service approvals process works.

NCAA Approved Recruiting Service

Each spring, the application process opens up to all scouting services. By definition, a recruiting/scouting service is any individual, organization, entity or segment of an entity that is primarily involved in providing information about prospective student-athletes.

The application process asks each service to provide information on their region, their fees and the type of information that they will provide coaches. NCAA approved recruiting services must provide examples and are required to generate reports at least four times per year that provide individual analysis on players. These evaluations are the core of the service and must be more then just basic information, rankings or general comments. Simply providing a list of players does not get approved. Approvals are done on a year by year basis. There are no long term approvals. Click here for more information on this. 

If a service is approved, they will be notified by email and will be certified until May 31 of the next year. The email will look like this:


Every NCAA approved recruiting service will have an email like this. If a service says they are NCAA Approved and/or certified it is easy to find out. Just ask them to show you their approval letter. If a scouting service isn't approved, Division I coaches cannot subscribe to their service.

Approved services appear on the NCAA Institutional List of Approved Service. This is a list of services that NCAA Division I schools can look up online by logging in to their NCAA accounts. If a service is not listed on there then they are not permitted to sign up. Click here to see details on the Approved Services list. 


The Transition Hoops Report has been an approved service since 2013 and is approved until May 31, of next year. Every player that we put in to our database has a detailed evaluation. We publish about 100 reports every year, 25 times the required amount. We have subscriptions that range from high major to junior college and they all pay us the same amount to provide them with reports and evaluations. Click here to see the list of subscribing conferences.NCAA Approved Recruiting Services

We will be sending reports to our subscribers following the upcoming showcases in Portland on September 12 (click here), Seattle on September 13 (click here) and in Idaho on October 1-3 (click here). 

Maximize your opportunities. Every time you compete is a chance to establish and improve your evaluation. If you have a chance to play at the Division I level, be sure you are playing in front of the right scouting services.

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