2016 Top Prospects

by Transition Hoops Report

Here we go, the last rankings of the year before the high school season starts!

You'll see two things with this round of rankings for the class of 2016: the top 15 has had some shake up and there are a lot of new names that are now in the top 32. 

That's what is great about the summer. We get to see players compete against the highest level of competition and it shows us that they can hang with the best or that they may have some things to work on. We also get to see players that we haven't seen before and get a great feel for where they stand. 

All that said, we are always evaluating players and watching for guys to pop on to our radar for the next round of rankings. Until then, here is the class of 2016.

Class of 2016

#1 Isiah Brown (6'1 PG Lakeside HS, WA) - Brown jumps back into the top spot after another great summer. The Northwestern commit is elite with the ball in his hands and can get separation against elite defenders.

#2 Payton Pritchard (6'1 PG West Linn HS, OR) - Pritchard had a strong summer using ball screens to get open looks and set up his teammates. He is a terrific shooter with great strength and feel for the game.

#3 Alphonso Anderson (6'7 PF Garfield HS, WA) - Anderson battled against elite talent on the circuit and consistently showed he can out work just about anyone. His hard hat mentality and ability to hit the perimeter jumpshot led to multiple offers throughout the summer.

#4 JaQuori McLaughlin (6'3 PG Peninsula HS, WA) - McLaughlin is a special talent. He is really athletic, has a great feel for the game to set up teammates, and can score it from anywhere on the court. His recruitment is still up in the air with several high major schools in the hunt.

#5 Keith Smith Jr (6'7 SF Raineir Beach HS, WA) - Even though Smith was sidelined with injuries this summer, his high major talent keeps him in the top 5. He is committed to Oregon.

#6 Jalen McDaniels (6'8 PF Federal Way, WA) - McDaniels thrived this summer when he was getting his catches on the perimeter where he could square up and attack. His length and athleticism are special leading to several more mid to high major offers.

#7 Tre'von Allen (6'3 PG Clarkston HS, WA) - Allen showed flashes of greatness throughout the summer. He has a terrific handle on the ball and can really shoot it from the perimeter.

#8 Connor Harding (6'5 SF Highland HS, ID) - Harding is extremely versatile on both the offensive and defensive end. After another great summer he committed to BYU.

#9 Sam Cunliffe (6'6 PG Bishop Blanchet HS, WA) - Cunliffe is a dynamic athlete that makes several jaw dropping plays per game. He is committed to Arizona State.

#10 Michael Henn (6'8 PF Bellevue HS, WA) - Henn consistently knocked down the perimeter jumpshot and battled inside. He is D1 stretch four man that picked up multiple offers after a strong summer.


#11 David Jenkins (6'0 SG Wilson HS, WA) - Jenkins showed he can be special when he has the ball in his hands. When he is committed to attacking the basket he is tough to stop.

#12 Coleman Sparling (6'6 PF Ellensburg HS, WA) - Sparling is a tough and versatile prospect. He can beat you off the dribble or knock down the perimeter jumpshot.

#13 Timothy Soares (6'10 C Mount Baker HS, WA) - Soares had some great moments throughout the summer. He is raw but has a ton of upside that led to multiple D1 offers.

#14 Steven Beo (6'3 SG Richland HS, WA) - Beo was sidelined this summer with injuries. He is committed to BYU.

#15 Kienan Walter (6'8 SF King's Way Christian HS, WA) - Walter is a big with multiple dimensions. He can be a tough match up for defenses.

#16 Malachi Flynn (6'1 PG Bellarmine HS, WA) - Flynn plays with a great tempo and whether its making the 3 or the pull up jumper, he always seemed to make the right play. He picked up multiple D1 offers after a consistent summer knocking down shots.

#17 Rylan Bergersen (6'4 SG Borah HS, ID) - Bergersen showed all summer long that he is getting more and more athletic. His ceiling is very high.

#18 Sterling Somers (6'6 PF Lynden HS, WA) - Somers is a tough match up because he can make plays both inside and out.

#19 Joseph Smoyer (6'9 C Franklin HS, OR) - Raw but with potential, Smoyer has found a way to impact games on the defensive end and is improving on offense.

#20 Jake Bruner (6'6 PF Prairie HS, ID) - Bruner makes game winning plays with his toughness and willingness to sacrifice his body. He can guard any position and is a great finisher through contact.

#21 Sharif Khan (6'1 PG Bellevue HS, WA) - Khan had some great games throughout the summer showing he can make plays off the dribble.

#22 Austin Smellie (6'4 SG Preston HS, ID) - Smellie has good size and great fundamentals. We saw him really compete against tough competition.

#23 Travis Yenor (6'7 PF Ambrose HS, ID) - Yenor had some big games knocking down perimeter jumpers and flying around on defense. He is a very good stretch four.

#24 Gavin Long (6'4 SG Wenatchee HS, WA) - Long is tough and really gritty. He is a winner that always sacrifices himself to make his team successful.

#25 Tony Miller (6'5 PF Woodinville HS, WA) - Miller is another gritty tough player that makes game winning plays. He can finish around the rim and has a soft touch on his jumper.

#26 Mason Baker (5'11 PG Highland HS, ID) - Baker has a great handle and is an excellent shooter. He proved this summer that he is tough enough to have success against elite competition.

#27 Jacob Hadley (6'6 SF Billings Central HS, MT) - Hadley had some of the best plays we saw all summer long. His athleticism and strength combined with his ability to get hot from the perimeter make him a very intriguing prospect.

#28 Isaac Mbuyamba (6'7 PF Parkrose HS, OR) - Mbuyamba repeatedly proved that he is an elite rebounder. His range is big and he has a huge motor.

#29 Aushanti Potts-Woods (6'1 PG Curtis HS, WA) - Potts-Woods can score in bunches. The lefty has a quick release and can get really hot from 3.

#30 Jashaun Agosto (5'9 PG Garfield HS, WA) - Agosto is super tough and competes on every play. He is a great ball handler and has a high basketball IQ.

#31 Malcom Porter (6'2 SF Jesuit HS, OR) - Porter ran both the point and off guard this summer. He can handle the ball and is tough. Did a good job getting the ball up the floor against hard nosed defenders.

#32 Talon Pinckney (5'9 PG Capital HS, ID) - Pinckney is really quick and strong with the ability to pressure elite guards full court. His shot can get hot and he can control the tempo with his tight handle and feel for the game.


In alphabetical order:

Collin Achenbach (5'11 PG Choteau HS, MT)

Logan Adams (6'3 SG Gonzaga Prep HS, WA)

Noble Cooper (6'5 SG Liberty HS, WA)

Jason Crandall (5'11 PG Issaquah HS, WA)

Derrek Durocher (5'11 SG Choteau HS, MT)

Jake Hendricks (6'4 SF Skyview HS, UT)

DeAndre Jones (5'9 PG Borah HS, ID)

Tristan Miguel (6'10 C Auburn Mountainview HS, WA)

Max McCullough (5'10 PG Post Falls HS, ID)

Sam Roth (6'4 SF Silverton HS, OR)

Nick Tranel (6'4 SF Billings Skyview HS, MT)

Cameron Tucker (6'4 SF Central Valley HS, WA)

Brayden West (6'2 PG Highland HS, ID)

Josiah Westbrook (6'2 PG Squilicum HS, WA)

Lamar Winston (6'3 SF Central Catholic HS, OR)

David Woodard (6'3 SG Edmonds-Woodway HS, WA)

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