Seven Reasons to Attend a Showcase

by Transition Hoops Report

Every basketball player that wants to pursue their dream of playing in college has choices to make when it comes to increasing their college basketball recruiting.

"Should I play in another tournament?"

"Would it be better to attend an exposure showcase?"

"If I take the weekend to work on my game how will that affect my recruitment?"

These are tough and legitimate questions to be asking yourself.

Here are seven reasons why attending a good exposure showcase, specifically a showcase hosted by Transition Hoops, can help your college basketball recruiting.

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**Seven reasons to attend a basketball showcase**

Reason #1: You are guaranteed to be seen by college evaluators.

That's the whole reason for the showcase. Evaluators know exactly where you are at and when you are playing. Evaluators can follow your progress through out the day. This generally is not the case during a team tournament format.


Reason #2: You have a chance to be seen more than once.

A good showcase will give players more than one session to show what they can do. College evaluators want multiple opportunities to see players to get a real sense of how good they are.

Reason #3: Showcases give players a chance to be seen doing multiple things.

So many times players are forced to play out of position on their team because of the team's needs. You often see this when a 6'5 player is a wing but must play the post because he's the biggest player on the team. At a showcase a player can choose which position he wants to be evaluated at, giving a realistic look at who the player really is.


Reason #4: College coaches are guaranteed to read the showcase report.

Transition Hoops is paid by college coaches to provide them with information about players, specifically players that compete in our showcases. After each showcase we update evaluations, compile a report and often take phone calls from college coaches about players we saw. These college coaches include the NCAA Division I level, who are often not allowed to attend local tournaments. Click here to see a list of current colleges that subscribe to Transition Hoops Report.

Reason #5: Recruiting 101 Session is included at the showcase.

This is a great chance to learn how the college basketball recruiting process works and how to take advantage of it.

Reason #6: Players get a chance to ask a qualified source basketball recruiting questions.

If you have a specific question about your college basketball recruiting, whether how to get it started or what it means when a college coach sends or asks you specific questions, there is no better way to get a straight answer then from one of our evaluators.

But be prepared: we give 100% honest answers and feedback so be ready for responses you may not be ready to hear. This is a good thing. You need honesty in order to fully take advantage of your college recruiting situation. 


Reason #7: Get instant feedback on your play from an unbiased source.

As evaluators at a showcase, our job is to provide accurate evaluations to our college basketball coaches that subscribe to the website. But we also want to help players get better and improve their basketball recruiting opportunities. We are unbiased about what we see and will be happy to provide you with input on your strengths and on things you can work on.

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