Rose City Showcase Brings Big Talent

by Transition Hoops Report

The 12th Rose City Showcase from Portland, Oregon proved it is one of the best collections of talent during a non-NCAA evaluation period. With 6 of the top teams in the Northwest competing, it was a great opportunity to see the top players, including 4 players in the top 5, multiple times under one roof at Lewis & Clark College.

Cameron Collins (6'4 SG 2015) - played really hard and attacked the offensive glass all weekend long. Offensively he can make the mid range
jumper off the bounce and defensively is very tough on the ball.

Stefan Gonzalez (6'1 PG 2015) - showed off a nice ability to finish at the rim in traffic through out the weekend. He set up his teammates for easy buckets. Gonzalez was also great on the defensive end competing against both point guards and wings.

Scott Hastings (6'8 PG 2015) - Hastings game is evolving into a nice stretch 4 as his shooting range improves. He played really physical defensively inside and is a solid face up forward.

Eli Lininger (6'5 PG 2015) - the Yale commit knows how to get open by moving without the ball. He uses his big body to score around the basket and he is an improving jump shooter.

Kendal Manuel (6'3 SG 2015) - has a picture perfect jumpshot and an elite first step when he is engaged, something he proved on Sunday. When he gets it going he can can make every play possible from the wing including being a defender because of his length. If he can consistently play at that level he is a no brainer D1 player.

Anthony Mathis (6'2 SG 2015) - even though the New Mexico commit struggled to score the first couple games, he was more involved and aggressive on
Sunday. He hit several 3s with his smooth jumpshot.

Trey Miller (6'7 PF 2014) - played really hard all weekend long. He is athletic, strong and constantly attacked the offensive and defensive
glass. Miller is one of those guys that tries to make a game wining play on every possession.

DeJounte Murray (6'5 SF 2015) - the Washington commits length and athleticism is elite. He consistently finishes when he gets by his defender
and can finish through contact for and 1 with spectacular flair. His length also makes him a special defender.

Jaylen Nowell (6'3 SF 2017) - is one of the best young prospects in the northwest. He takes it very strong to the rim and typically makes good
decisions when he attacks. Nowell has a very good feel for the game.

Payton Pritchard (6'1 PG 2016) - was really tough all weekend. He has great range but even if he is not hitting he is relentless getting to the rim or
free throw line. His handle is really tight and he gets his shoulders under defenders so they can't recover. His vision is special which is why he is
a high major recruit.

Jared Samuelson (6'7 PF 2015) - in the Sunday game he rebounded out of his range, scored around basket or with his back to the basket, and hit the
perimeter jumpshot. When he is aggressive without the ball he makes big plays all over the court.

Deante Strickland (5'9 PG 2015) - is very intriguing because he is so quick but also extremely strong. He is an elite finisher around the basket
because he can finish in so many ways. He is tough to stay in front of and has great court vision.

Kadeem Strickland (5'9 PG 2015) - the lightning quick lefty scored it really well all weekend. He can stop on a dime and his jumpshot continues to get more consistent. He is really a tough match up when he plays fast.

Jake Spurgeon (6'6 SG 2015) - showed great range and the ability to get open without the ball in his hands. He is very confident in his shot and is
getting off a lot of quality looks each game.

Tres Tinkle (6'7 SF 2015) - finished like a pro both in the half court and in transition. Possibly the most complete player at the tourney, he proved he can score against high major defenders in a variety of ways.

Honerable Mention

Jace Cates (6'3 SG 2015) - streaky lefty that can really get it going. Quick release with extreme confidence.

Drew Eubanks (6'9 C 2015) - ran the floor really hard and has good hands that can finish off rebounds and dump offs.

Joel Johnson (6'7 C 2015) - great length with a soft touch on his jumper and good hands.

Jamar Kemp (6'6 PF 2015) - the big fella showed that he can move well for a player of his size which helps him get to rebounds and be a presence inside.

Luke Lenhardt (6'4 PG 2015) - continued to make game winning plays from start to finish. He is the master of getting to 50/50 balls and getting extra possessions.

Logan Skurdal (6'3 SG 2015) - played with really high basketball IQ which allowed him to get open without the ball and knock down shots. His smarts also helped him keep quicker defenders in front of him.

Ivey Smith, Jr (5'7 PG 2015) - smart little guard with a nice pull up jumpshot and the ability to get separation off the dribble.

La'Mar Winston (6'2 SG 2016) - very physical defender that can really see the floor and has a great feel for the game.

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