The 80 prospects college coaches will be watching this July

by Transition Hoops Report

With the July evaluation period starting this week Transition Hoops put together a prospect list of uncommitted players worth checking out.  This doesn’t include every prospect but it is a list of players that have intrigued us or whom we think may pop this July.  The players range from high major prospects to small college diamonds in the rough and every level in between.

For convenience, we have broken this in to regions and listed by graduation year. Click on the prospect's name to read their complete evaluation.

Washington Prospects

Seattle, WA – Matisse Thybulle (6’7 SF 2015) – had a huge winter and spring leading to a big jump in his recruitment.  Holds offers from a variety of D1 schools from low to high major.

Issaquah, WA - Ty Gibson (6'3 PG 2015) - real leader that was great this past season. Body and skill set is ready for NAIA/D2 but if he can add an explosive first step and quicken his release he has a chance to break in to the D1 range.

Sammamish, WA - Mandrell Worthy (6'3 SF 2015) - his athletic ability is next level and he has the basketball body to go with it, making him a D1 prospect. The key to taking his game up a notch is proving that he can consistently knock down the 3-point shot.  He holds a D1 offer.  

Bellevue, WA - Kyle Foreman (6’1 PG 2015) – has a great burst of speed and nice mid range game.  D2 prospect that could be D1 if he can consistently hit the 3.

Vancouver, WA – Robert Franks (6’6 SF 2015) – good basketball body and soft touch on his jumpshot with range to the 3 point line.  Holds multiple D1 offers.

Lynden, WA – Scott Hastings (6’8 PF 2015) – strong bodied stretch four that can battle inside and knock down the perimeter 3 on a kickout.  Low major D1 prospect.

Seattle, WA – Jayson Williams (6’0 PG 2015) – explosive and great range.  NAIA/ D2 prospect.

Seattle, WA – Ivey Smith, Jr. (5’10 PG 2015) – quick and smart point guard that has a nice mid range game.  NAIA/ D2 point guard.

Seattle, WA - Travis Parker (5’10 PG 2015) – really tight handle that can get separation off the dribble and has range beyond the 3 point line.  NAIA/ D2 prospect.

Yakima, WA - Nikhil Lizotte (5’9 PG 2015) -  very quick pg that can make plays off the bounce.  Small college player that will increase his recruitment as his jumpshot improves.

Seattle, WA - Jordan Kitchen (6’6 PF 2015) – big wingspan and great athlete.  NAIA/ D2 prospect if he can continue to improve his ball skills and footwork.

Chelan, WA - Hank Hollingsworth (6’10 C 2015) – intriguing because of his length and because of how hard he plays.  Level will be determined by how much strength he can put on to battle down low.

Seattle, WA - Josh Campbell (6'7 C 2015) - had some impressive games this season including the spring. Looks to be back at full strength. He is intriguing because of the range of potential. No brainer as a small school prospect but with a good summer and developing his body even more he could move up to a D2 type of player.

Sammamish, WA - Robert Biegaj (6'3 SG 2015) - has college level athleticism and mid-range game for the small college level. But developing a consistent 3-point shot makes him an NAIA type of player.

Clarkston, WA – CJ Johnson (6’4 SF 2015) – high basketball IQ and plays really hard.  Small college prospect that could improve his stock by showing range to the 3 point line and the ability to beat elite players off the dribble.

Zillah, WA - Justin Dunsmore (6'6 PF 2015) - made an impression at the Washington state tournament. Will need to show he can continue to produce against better competition.

Spangle, WA - Match Burnham (6'6 SF 2015) - had a great high school season. Could be a prospect but will need to have a good summer against stronger competition.

Seattle, WA – Keith Smith Jr (6’5 PG 2016) – big lead guard that is really skilled and athletic.  High major D1 prospect.

Seattle, WA – Isiah Brown (6’1 PG 2016) – can really score off the dribble.  High major D1 prospect.

Seattle, WA – Alphonso Anderson (6’5 PF 2016) – very strong build and physical player.  Getting recruited and offered at the mid major level.

Gig Harbor, WA – JaQuori McLaughlin (6’3 PG 2016) – smooth point guard that can score and set up teammates.  Decommitted to Oregon State and is now receiving mid to high major offers and recruitment.

Richland, WA – Steven Beo (6’3 SG 2016) – can flat out score with range to 24 feet and plays with extreme confidence.  Getting mid to high major D1 recruitment.

Seattle, WA - Jashaun Agosto (5’8 PG 2016) – small but is athletic and tough with a tight handle.  Holds a D1 offer.

Seattle, WA – Jalen McDaniels (6’6 SF 2016) – huge wingspan and athletic.  D1 prospect because of his length and if he can improve his perimeter shooting and skill set he could go very high.

Gig Harbor, WA – Jimmy Ritchie (6’7 C 2016) – big and strong body.  He is a small college prospect because he can be a physical presence that could play at an NAIA/ D2 level if he can continue to get more athletic.

Seattle, WA – Jaylen Nowell (6’3 SF 2017) – has a great feel for the game.  Tough and aggressive with a strong body and athletic.  Holds a high major D1 offer.

Seattle, WA – Deajon Davis (6’2 SG 2017) – fearless young player that uses his length to make things happen on defense and on the glass.  Has D1 potential.

Issaquah, WA - Trevon Ary-Turner (6'2 SG 2017) - intriguing player because he has a great looking shot but also the ability to handle and distribute the ball from the point. He is already getting interest from big colleges and if he continues to develop his body and skill set more interest is coming.

Seattle, WA - Corey Kispert (6'4 SG 2017) - just based on his size and ability to shoot with deep range you have to keep an eye on his development. He plays at a small school so his adjustment to better competition will be critical.

Idaho Prospects

Pocatello, ID - Stefan Gonzalez (6’1 PG 2015) – huge basketball IQ and polished game.  Holds multiple D1 offers and is set up for a big July.

Pocatello, ID - Malek Harwell (6’4 PG 2015) – should be ready to play in July after a torn MCL.  Currently holds offers from multiple D1 schools from low to high major.

Idaho Falls, ID – Telly Davenport (6’4 PG 2015) – the combo guard is a low major prospect if he can consistently knock down the perimeter jumper.  Has a great basketball body and athleticism.

Idaho Falls, ID - Keegan Hansen (6’2 PG 2015) – one of the best on ball defenders in the west.  NAIA/ D2 player that could move to D1 if he can consistently knock down jumpers and limit mistakes.

Idaho Falls, ID – Coleman Johnson (6’5 SF 2015) – really long and athletic wing.  His versatility is impressive and when aggressive he is tough to stop.  He is an NAIA/ D2 level player with a big upside.

Boise, ID – Derrick White (6’1 SG 2015) – really good feel and delivers the ball accurately and on time.  NAIA/ D2 player that could be at the D1 level if he can show enough pop to get by elite defenders.

Meridian, ID – Logan Skurdal (6’3 SG 2015) – great basketball IQ with range and a quick release.  Getting a lot of attention from NAIA programs because of his high skill set and excellence in the classroom.

Eagle, ID – Luke Lenhardt (6’4 PF 2015) – strong, long, and athletic.  His ability to make hustle and toughness plays has garnished major interest from NAIA programs in the west.  Excellent student.

St. Anthony, ID - Con Bauer (6’7 SF 2015) – athletic 6’7 forward with good range.  Small college player that has the potential to play at a NAIA/ D2 level if he can prove he can match up physically.

Idaho Falls, ID – Jai Jai Ely (6’0 PG 2015) – strong body and athletic enough to play at the NAIA/ D2 level but will need to prove he can consistently knock down the perimeter jumpshot.

Eagle, ID - Riley Leavitt (6’3 PG 2015) – long combo guard that can really score off the dribble.  Small college player that could be a solid NAIA/ D2 player if he can get stronger and more physical.

Rathdrum, ID - Tyrel Derrick (6'0 PG 2015) - heady guard that is intriguing because he can handle and score. If he can add some more strength and improve his defense he has a chance to play at in the NAIA range.

Boise, ID – Gibson Berryhill (6’0 SG 2015) – great skill set and deep range.  If he can show he is athletic enough to guard and get by elite players he could prove to be an NAIA type player.

Boise, ID – Ben Salcines (6’4 SG 2015) – very good catch and shoot player.  His size and jumper make him a solid small college prospect.

Meridian, ID - Axel Mpoyo (6’7 C 2015) – great basketball body with great length.  Very raw and looks like he may need a quality junior college before he makes the jump to a 4 year college.

Pocatello, ID – Connor Harding (6’5 SF 2016) -  very skilled wing that can shoot and get to the rim.  Low to mid major prospect.

Lapwai, ID – Tre'von Allen (6’2 PG 2016) – great length and skill set to go with a really high basketball IQ.  Low to mid major prospect.

Boise, ID – Travis Yenor (6’7 SF 2016) – can shoot from the perimeter or score inside.  Could be a D1 prospect if he continues to get more explosive.

Boise, ID - Rylan Bergersen (6’3 SF 2016) – really knows how to move without the ball to get open shots and is deadly from 24 feet and in.  Could be a D1 player if he continues to grow and get stronger.

Cottonwood, ID – Jake Bruner (6’5 PF 2016) – extremely skilled and plays with a big motor.  NAIA/ D2 player that could improve his stock if he gets taller or continues to develop his perimeter skill set.

Kuna, ID – Jake Johnson (6’5 PF 2016) – versatile forward that can make plays inside and out.  His level will be determined on how much more athletic he becomes.

Boise, ID – Evan Henning (6’6 SF 2016) – good sized wing that is a scorer.  Intriguing because of this size and the way he shoots it.

Boise, ID – Hodges Bailey (6’1 SG 2017) – great competitor that can score and is extremely confident.

Boise, ID – Justin Saunders (6’1 SF 2017) – strong combo guard.  Very good handle and great mid range scorer.

Oregon Prospects

Portland, OR – Greyson Smallwood (6’11 C 2015) – elite shot blocker and great second jump.  His good is high major and he has a high major offer but he needs to play at that level more consistently.

Troutdale, OR – Drew Eubanks (6’9 C 2015) – great length.  Runs the floor hard and has good hands with a soft touch on his shot.  Has a D1 offer and is getting recruited by many others.

Lakeridge, OR – Jake Spurgeon (6’6 SG 2015) – big wing that has great range.  Understands how to move without the ball to get open looks.  D1 prospect.

Portland, OR – Deante Strickland (5’9 PG 2015) – extremely quick and strong.  Can get to the rim and is a crafty finisher and can set up teammates for easy buckets.  D2 prospect that could be low major D1 player if he can consistently knock down the 3.

Portland, OR – Kadeem Strickland (5’9 PG 2015) – really quick and can start and stop on a dime.  Can hit the 3 or pull up mid range jumpshot.  D2 prospect that could be low major D1 if he can add some strength to his frame.

Aloha, OR – Steven Boswell (6’9 C 2015) – good sized big that has a soft touch on his shot.  If he can be more explosive and increase his rebounding range he could be a low major D1 prospect.

Salem, OR – Seth Erickson (6’3 SG 2015) – strong and electric in the open court.  Being recruited heavily by NAIA/ D2 programs and if he can show a consistent perimeter jumpshot could be a low major D1 prospect.

Tigard, OR – Joel Johnson (6’7 PF 2015) – good length and can finish around the rim.  Small college player that could be an NAIA/ D2 player if he can improve his perimeter jumpshot and play more physical.

Portland, OR – Isaiah Robinson (6’9 C 2015) – great basketball body.  Still really raw and will probably need a junior college to tighten up his skill set and feel.

West Linn, OR – Payton Pritchard (6’1 PG 2016) – tough as nails.  Great point guard with high major offers from across the country.

Wilsonville, OR - Zach Reichle (6'2 SG 2017) - very good shooter with confidence. If he adds a few more elements to his game he will really jump on to recruiting radars.

Montana/Wyoming Prospects

Missoula, MT - Tres Tinkle (6’7 SF 2015) – has multiple high major D1 offers.  His dad, Wayne, recently took the job at Oregon State so it will be interesting to see where he ends up.

Billings, MT – Jared Samuelson (6’7 PF 2015) – hard nosed kid that holds multiple D2 offers.  He is a legit D1 prospect because of his versatility and big motor.

Billings, MT - Kendal Manuel (6’3 SG 2015) – terrific shooter that currently holds multiple D2 offers.  Can make the jump to the D1 level if he can consistently make the tough 50/50 plays against high level competition.

Billings, MT – Danny Betcher (6’8 PF 2015) – great length and athleticism.  Really high ceiling that is garnishing a lot of D2 attention.

Missoula, MT - Rhett Baerlocher (6’3 Sf 2015) – his strength, smarts, and toughness allow him to guard 1 through 4 at the next level.  He is an NAIA/ D2 prospect.

Helena, MT - Henry Garrett (6’8 C 2015) – after a solid state tournament in Montana it will be exciting to see if he can use his 6’8 body to be a tough interior presence on the national level.  Right now appears to be a NAIA level prospect.

Great Falls, MT – Matt Wyman (6’5 PG 2015) – his size, length, and athleticism at the point guard position make him an intriguing prospect.  He is currently a small college player whose stock will rise if he can consistently knock down the perimeter jumpshot.

Bozeman, MT – Adam Huse (6’1 SG 2015) – deadly perimeter shooter that has a high basketball IQ.  Small college player that could play at a NAIA level if he can show a burst of speed off the dribble.

Evanston, WY – Alek Johnson (6’3 SF 2015) – tough competitor that has a high basketball IQ.  Small college prospect.

Afton, WY – Cole Critchfield (6’2 PG 2015) – very crafty point guard that knows how to set up teammates and can score from the point guard position.  Would be very successful at a small college and is an excellent student.

Great Falls, MT - Brendan Howard (6’4 PF 2017) – great rebounder and can score with his back to the basket or with a mid range jumper.  D1 prospect and stock will rise based on how well he can shoot and handle the ball.

Northern Utah/Northern Nevada Prospects

Layton, UT - Jarriesse Blackmon (6’6 SF 2015) – great athlete with long arms.  Has multiple D1 offers because he really competes and if he can better define what position he plays (PF or SF) he will have more offers coming his way.

Logan, UT – Tyler Brimhall (6’4 SG 2015) – strong shooter with a ton of confidence.  Is garnishing low major D1 and D2 interest.

Reno, NV – Nathan Klekas (6’2 SG 2015) – really tough kid that plays extremely hard.  Small college player that could be an asset at an NAIA/ D2 school because he plays so hard.

Smithfield, UT – Jake Hendricks (6’4 SF 2016) – really long arms and athletic.  Tough matchup and is good in transition.  Has D1 potential.

Smithfield, UT – Bryce Mortenson (6’6 PF 2016) – strong body and great rebounder.  Plays with a big motor.  Could be a D1 player if he can improve his jumpshot and feel inside.

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