Lakeland (ID) Prevails Against Timberlake (ID)

by Transition Hoops Report

Lakeland’s Tyrel Derrick and Jacob Plunkett led the way in a non-conference win. Timberlake was led by Keegan Scott.

Derrick continues to be impressive in the way that he moves and controls the game. He was dynamic with the ball and not only created shots for himself but created for others and made very good decisions.

Plunkett also had a nice night for Lakeland. He ran the floor hard and was rewarded by teammates who got him the ball and let him finish on the break. He showed a nice touch around the basket.

Timberlake kept the game close and got big plays from Keegan Scott. Scott showed off a pretty mid-range pull up jumper and did a good job rebounding from the guard position. He also really snapped his passes and showed a high basketball IQ.

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