Middleton's (ID) Bennett, Lyle too much for Boise (ID)

by Transition Hoops Report

Middleton beat Boise with a surge in the 2nd half.  They struggled to score early but made a huge run by getting out in transition and taking quality shots in the half court.  Middleton flat out plays hard and has 10 guys that play together. 

Hayden Bennett (6’0 PG 2015) hit 4 three pointers in the 3rd quarter and ran the show for Middleton while JD Lyle (6’2 C 2015) dominated the inside with his strong body and crafty interior moves. 

It was obvious that this was Boise’s first game as they struggled settling in to both the new officiating rules and pace of the game. 

Boise was led by Brian Smith (5’11 PG 2015).  He uses an effective crossover to get into the paint to set up his floater or get to the rim.  Both Evan Henning (6’6 PF 2016) and Logan Miller (6’4 SF 2016) struggled with foul trouble.  They are long and athletic but settled way too often for 3 point jumpshots.    

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