Top 20 Players Of 2015

by Transition Hoops Report

While the top two in this list may look the same, you will notice a lot of changes as you work your way through it. After an entire summer and high school season of evaluating players all the way to the west coast, we really started to get a complete picture of the talent level through out the northwest. 

But the best may be yet to come. On Friday, the first NCAA basketball evaluation period of 2014 will be here. With big tournaments in Las Vegas, Sacramento, southern California and Seattle (plus a few teams traveling to Kansas) there will be a whole lot more information on players coming in soon.

#1 Tres Tinkle (6'7 SF Hellgate HS, MT) - the high major prospect's versatility translates seamlessly to the college game.  He can do it all: knock down 3s, post up and finish, score in transition, and is an incredible passer.  Tinkle's recruitment is going to really pop this summer with Anthony Davis Select.

#2 DeJounte Murray (6'5 SG Rainier Beach HS, WA) - Another versatile high major, Murray can score from anywhere and pretty much any way. He has range and the athleticism to finish above the rim and in transition. This spring and summer he will play with NorthWest XPress.

#3 David Crisp (6'0 SG Rainier Beach HS, WA) - The University of Washington commit can shoot it and has the strength to handle the type of contact he will see at the next level. For Rainier Beach he handled the ball a lot which has helped him further develop his ball skills.  He travels with the Avery Bradley Northwest Panthers.

#4 Malek Harwell (6'4 PG Century HS, ID) - his length and athleticism at the point guard position make him stand out.  He has deep range and can lay it down and finish at the rim.  This AAU circuit he will be with Utah Basketball Club.

#5 Greyson Smallwood (6'10 C Jefferson HS, OR) - big time game changer in the paint.  He is an elite shot blocker that can elevate quickly and on offense can finish above the rim on drop offs or lobs.  Smallwood is competing in the EYBL with NorthWest Xpress.

#6 Zac Seljaas (6'7 SG Bountiful HS, UT) - Can really get it going from the 3 and with his length is very difficult to defend.  He is committed to BYU after his mission and will play for the Utah Prospects this spring and summer.

#7 Stefan Gonzalez (6'1 PG Highland HS, ID) - basketball IQ is through the roof.  He can hit the 3, penetrate and finish with either hand, and is an elite passer.  Gonzalez is a must watch for D1 schools in need of a heady guard that can play the point or shooting guard.  He plays for Anthony Davis Select.

#8 Anthony Mathis (6'2 SG West Linn, OR) - In constant motion and with a good looking shot, Mathis reminds you a bit of Rip Hamilton they way he understands how to come off of screens. He defends well and a good spring and summer with FAST will likely move him up the list.

#9 Robert Franks (6'7 SF Evergreen HS, WA) - big wing with a soft touch to the 3 point line.  Can play inside or out because of his length and skill set.  It will be exciting to see how his recruitment increases playing for Avery Bradley Northwest Panthers this spring and summer.

#10 Jazz Johnson (5'11 PG Lake Oswego HS, OR) - can really score from the point guard position.  His handle and quickness along with a great feel for the game allow him to get separation to score or set up teammates for easy baskets.  Johnson is committed to University of Portland.

#11 Jared Samuelson (6'7 SF Billings West HS, MT) - the small forward/ stretch 4 is really skilled and plays with a big motor.  He can shoot the 3, score with both hands around the basket, and get easy buckets snatching loose balls.  Samuelson will be playing for Anthony Davis Select this AAU circuit.

#12 Scott Hastings (6'7 PF Lynden HS, WA) - Hastings is big and strong and knows how to use his body to aggressively hit the boards. It looks like he'll be playing for NorthWest Xpress this spring.

#13 Ty Gibson (6'3 PG Issaquah HS, WA) - Gibson is a natural leader and from the point guard position he sees the floor, hits the open shot when it's there and plays solid defense.

#14 Jesse Wade (6'0 PG Davis HS, UT) - great shooter from 3 and has a nice feel for the game.  Wade plays really hard and is committed to Gonzaga.  He plays for the Utah Prospects.

#15 Jarriesse Blackmon (6'6 SF Layton HS, UT) - Blackmon is built for the game because of his length and athleticism and has a knack for making plays on the defensive end. He can slash and finish and is a tough player when he is engaged.  Blackmon plays for Utah Basketball Club. 

#16 Telly Davenport (6'4 PG Bonneville HS, ID) - Davenport has shown the ability to play at a high level. He does a lot of good things and where he plays at the next level will depend on his ability to produce on a consistent basis. Davenport will be traveling with the Utah Prospects this spring and summer.

#17 Eli Lininger (6'6 PF South Eugene HS, OR) - strong interior player that can step outside and make plays 15 feet in.  The Yale commit has some nice back to the basket moves and can square up and hit mid range jumpers.  Lininger plays for FAST.

#18 Jeff Pollard (6'8 C Bountiful HS, UT) - physical player that plays with a huge motor.  He has shown great improvement on his interior game and footwork.  Pollard will be playing for Salt Lake Metro this AAU circuit.

#19 Isaiah Robinson (6'9 C Union HS, WA) - high potential due to his length and body.  His stock will rise as he gets stronger and it will be critical to show an improved interior game this spring and summer.

#20 Kendal Manuel (6'3 SG Billings Sky View HS, MT) - great range on his jumper and has a great first step to the basket.  His length and athleticism are really good for a shooting guard and as his body gets stronger his stock will rise.  Manuel will be playing for Anthony Davis Select this spring and summer.

The Bubble Guys

Each of these guys has at least one quality that put them in the dicussion. They didn't quite get in this go round but definitely worth keeping an eye on and seeing how they progress. 

Seth Erickson (6'3 SG South Salem HS, OR) - an exciting player to watch that really elevates and has a strong body.  When he is in attack mode he can be very hard to stop.  Erickson plays for the Oregon Stars and this circuit will be a big one for his recruitment. 

Danny Betcher (6'8 PF Billings West HS, MT) - has a lot of potential.  He is long and has a nice skill set and if he can put it all together he could play at a high level.

Travis Parker (5'10 PG Curtis HS, WA) - great quickness and can start and stop on a dime.  Has great range and can see the floor.  As Parker's body gets stronger his stock will rise.  

Derrick White (6'1 PG Capital HS, ID) - Solid point guard that continues to show signs that he may be ready to break through.  He will need to have a big spring and summer for EIA to prove what level he belongs.

Tyler Brimhall (6'4 SG Logan HS, UT) - Big range and athletic. This spring and summer with Cache Valley Elite will be a great chance to show the type of player that he can be at the next level.

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